+3 disks

Game Publisher Year Genre
6-Pak Hit-Pak 1987 Compilation
Afterburner Activision Inc 1988 Arcade
Barbarian 2 Palace Software 1988 Arcade
Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior Palace Software 1987 Arcade
Best Of Elite Vol.1 Hit-Pak 1988 Compilation
Bonanza Bros US Gold Ltd 1991 Arcade
Captain Planet Mindscape International Inc 1991 Arcade
Castle Master Incentive Software Ltd 1990 Arcade
Circuitos Electricos   Compilation
Codename Mat 2 Domark Ltd 1984 Arcade
3D Construction Kit Incentive Software Ltd 1991 Utility
ContabilidadDomestica.zip E.S.A.T. Software 1987 Utility
El Cuerpo Humano TASOFT 1986 Utility
Dragon's Lair Software Projects Ltd 1986 Arcade
The Empire Strikes Back Domark Ltd 1988 Arcade
Firetrap Electric Dreams Software 1987 Arcade
Football Manager 3 Addictive Games 1991 Simulation
Gauntlet 2 US Gold Ltd 1988 Arcade
Gazza's Super Soccer Empire Software 1990 Sports
Get Dexter ERE Informatique   Arcade Adventure
G-Loc US Gold Ltd 1992 Arcade
Green Beret Imagine Software Ltd 1986 Arcade
Gryzor Ocean Software Ltd 1987 Arcade
Hacker Activision Inc 1987 Arcade Adventure
Hero Quest Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 1991 Arcade Adventure
Jack Nicklaus Accolade Inc   Sports
Knight Force Titus 1990 Arcade
Kung-Fu Master US Gold Ltd 1987 Arcade
K.Y.A. Loriciels   Educational
Leaderboard US Gold Ltd 1988 Sports
The Living Daylights Domark Ltd 1987 Arcade
The Lords Of Midnight Amsoft 1984 Adventure
Mercs US Gold Ltd 1991 Arcade
Microscript v1.0   Utility
Mind Stretchers Virgin Mastertronic Ltd   Compilation
Nigel Mansell's Grand Prix Martech Games Ltd 1988 Sports
Omnicop   Utility
3D Pool Firebird Software Ltd 1989 Sports
Powerplay Arcana Software Design 1986 Arcade
Predator Activision Inc 1987 Arcade
Prehistorik 2 Titus 1993 Arcade
Pro Golf Atlantis Software Ltd 1987 Sports
Quad Microids   Arcade
RBI Baseball 2 Domark Ltd   Sports
The Real Ghostbusters Activision Inc 1989 Arcade
Return Of The Jedi Domark Ltd 1989 Arcade
Satan Dinamic Software 1989 Arcade
Sim City Infogrames 1990 Strategy
Star Wars Domark Ltd 1987 Arcade
Tensions ERE Informatique 1986 Board Game
Thanatos Durell Software Ltd 1986 Arcade
A Toda Maquina Ocean Software Ltd   Compilation
Total Eclipse Incentive Software Ltd 1988 Arcade
Total Recall Ocean Software Ltd 1991 Arcade
War In Middle Earth Melbourne House 1989 Strategy
World Class Rugby Audiogenic Software Ltd 1991 Sports
World Games 1 US Gold Ltd 1988 Sports
WWF Wrestle Mania Ocean Software Ltd 1991 Sports
Zynaps Hewson Consultants Ltd 1987 Arcade