Although this web-site has been one of my main hobbies for over the last three years, locating and buying tapes and disks for preservation is becoming more and more costly as the remaining titles which require dumping become rarer and rarer. You can help out in a number of ways:-

1) Check your collection of Spectrum software against the MIA, STP and SDP lists on WOS. If your tape or disk is on one of these lists, it needs preserving. You can either have a go at preserving them yourself, using the link to the help page at the bottom of the page, or you can loan the tape or disk to a member of the .tzx vault team. The title will be dumped and returned as soon as possible.

2) If you just want to make a donation, you can also donate using PayPal. There are two accounts available, one is setup for tape purchases which is in my name, and the other is purely for +3 disk purchases which is in the name of Andy Barker, the SDP maintainer. Both links are at the bottom of the page, so if you'd like to donate, click on the relevant link below.

Everyone who donates gets a mention on the .tzx vault credits page, thanks again, Steve

Contact me if you have any queries Link to the MIA tape list Link to the STP tape list Link to the SDP disk list Help on how to make .tzx files