This page is planned to be the most comprehensive page on the internet covering the company Mikro-Gen. I've been an avid collector of Mikro-Gen tapes for over 10 years now. My collection for the ZX Spectrum is almost complete and I'm working on collecting tapes for the ZX81, Vic 20, Amstrad and C64. If you have any Mikro-Gen tapes you'd like to donate, sell or trade, I'd love to hear from you. First of all are the inlay scans, more will be added soon. The inlays are arranged into blocks according to the style of the artwork and the layout of the logo's etc.

Sinclair ZX 81 Inlays

ZX81 Bomber ZX81 Breakout ZX81 Debug ZX81 Frogs ZX81 Games Pack

ZX81 Paint-Maze ZX81 Scramble - Release 1 ZX81 Space Invaders ZX81 Tempest

ZX81 Lunar Rescue ZX81 Mines Of Saturn & Return To Earth

ZX81 Chess ZX81 Clock Chess

ZX81 Scramble - Release 2

Commodore Vic 20 Inlays

Vic 20 Alien Vic 20 Mines Of Saturn & Return To Earth Vic 20 Puckman

Vic 20 Space Mouse

Oric Inlays

Oric Mines Of Saturn & Return To Earth

Sinclair ZX Spectrum Inlays

Master Chess - Release 1 Sorceror's Castle - Release 1 Scramble - Release 1 Scramble - Release 2

Cosmic Raiders - Release 1 Great Britain Limited Inheritance Mad Martha - Release 1 Mad Martha - Release 2

Mad Martha - Release 3 Mad Martha 2 - Release 1 Mines Of Saturn & Return To Earth Scramble - Release 3 Space Zombies - Release 1 

Cosmic Raiders - Release 2 Galakzions - Release 1 Galakzions Master Chess - Release 2 Panic

Scramble - Release 4 Sorceror's Castle - Release 2 Space Zombies - Release 2 Tempest

180 Creepy Crawler Cruise Attack Deffendar Knockout

Land Of Sagan Laserwarp - Release 1 Mad Martha 2 - Release 2 Naanas Paradroids

Pat The Postman SAS Assault Star Trek Timequest

Automania Genesis II Laserwarp - Release 2 Spectool Tai Pan

Automania - Alternate Inlay Pyjamarama Everyone's A Wally Herbert's Dummy Run The Witch's Cauldron

3 Weeks In Paradise - 48k 3 Weeks In Paradise - 128k Battle Of The Planets Sir Fred

Air Traffic Control Pyjamarama & Automania

Equinox Stainless Steel

Cop Out Frost Byte Strike Force SAS

Commodore C64 Inlays

C64 Automania C64 Pyjamarama C64 The Witch's Cauldron

C64 Everyone's A Wally C64 Herbert's Dummy Run

C64 Everyone's A Wally (Cardboard Box Release) C64 Herbert's Dummy Run (Cardboard Box Release) C64 Pyjamarama & Automania

C64 Equinox

Amstrad CPC Inlays

CPC Master Chess CPC Pyjamarama CPC Everyone's A Wally CPC Herbert's Dummy Run

CPC Three Weeks In Paradise

CPC Pyjamarama & Masterchess

CPC Equinox CPC Stainless Steel

CPC Frost Byte

CPC Classic Collection No 1