Old News

05/08/2001 The site has now had over 50,000 hits, thanks to everyone who's contributed! 60 tape images have been added including 4 images of master tapes from Zeppelin. Many thanks to Brian Jobling of Eutechnyx http://www.eutechnyx.com for allowing me access to their tapes and +3 disks. More master tape / disk images will be coming soon.

The new tape images are:-

1942 (Encore), 2088 Master Tape, Arena, Battle Of Britain, Beach Head II - Side A (Americana), Beach Head II - Side B (Americana),
Boulderdash 2 - Rockford's Revenge, Boulderdash, Collision Course (Americana), Deathscape, Death Wake (Bug-Byte), Doomdark's Revenge,
Draconus Master Tape, Dynamite Dan, Evil Crown, Freez' Bees (Prism Leisure), Front Line Master Tape, Geography, I Of The Mask, Knot In 3D,
Kung-Fu Master (Americana), Maze Chase - 16k, Maze Chase - 48k, Moon Cresta, Muncher, Nick Faldo Plays The Open - Powerload,
P15G Tape 1 - Side A, P15G Tape 1 - Side B, P15G Tape 2 - Side A, P15G Tape 2 - Side B, P15G Tape 3 - Side A, P15G Tape 3 - Side B,
P15G Tape 4 - Side A, P15G Tape 4 - Side B, P15G Tape 5 - Side A, P15G Tape 5 - Side B, P15G Tape 6 - Side A, P15G Tape 6 - Side B,
P15G Tape 7 - Side A, P15G Tape 7 - Side B, Pharaoh's Tomb, Rally Sim Master Tape, Red LED, Saracen (Americana), Shadowfire, Smuggler's Cove,
Splat!, Spy vs Spy, Supertrux - 128k (Encore), Supertrux - 48k (Encore), The Crucial Crash Tape - Side 1, The Crucial Crash Tape - Side 2,
The Final Mission, The Graphic Adventure Creator, The Great Space Race, The Witch's Cauldron, Tiles V2 - Saved On 48k, Tiles V2 - Saved On +2
and Zodiac Master.

30/06/2001 I've added 79 new tape images for download plus a handful of Codemasters games which as you know cannot be distributed! The Listbot service has also been discontinued, so check Retrogames for news on updates. I'm away on holiday soon, so this will be the last update for a while. I'm off to Austrailia to watch the Lions take on the Wallabies in the 2nd and 3rd tests. Hopefully we can win the series after going 1-0 up this morning. Well done lads!!!

The new tape images added today are:-

3D Grand Prix, 3D Starstrike (Classics), Afterburner (The Hit Squad), Arcade Classics (Silverbird), Battle Valley (Rack-It),
Big Trouble In Little China (Alternative), Brainstorm (Micromega), Bug-Eyes, Circus Games, Cosmic Shock Absorber - 128k, Cosmic Shock Absorber - 48k,
Crazy Bugs, Demon's Revenge, Diamond, Dr Doom's Revenge, Falcon Patrol 2 (Bug-Byte), Fighting Warrior (Mastertronic Plus),
Formula Grand Prix (Alternative), Gauntlet (Kixx), Gauntlet 2 (Kixx), Ghosts 'n Goblins (Encore), Incredible Shrinking Sphere,
Knuckle Busters (Ricochet), Lightforce (Rack-It), Mega Tape 04 - Side A, Mega Tape 04 - Side B, Mega Tape 05 - Side A, Mega Tape 05 - Side B,
Mega Tape 06 - Side A, Mega Tape 06 - Side B, Mega Tape 07 - Side A, Mega Tape 07 - Side B, Mega Tape 08 - Side A, Mega Tape 08 - Side B,
Mega Tape 14 - Side A, Mega Tape 14 - Side B, Mega Tape 22 - Side A, Mega Tape 03 - Side A, Mega Tape 03 - Side B, Mega Tape 20 - Side A,
Mega Tape 20 - Side B, Mega Tape 23 - Side B, Mutant Fortress, Ninja Hamster - 48k, Ninja Hamster - 128k, Oink (Alternative), Oriental Hero,
Popeye 3 - Wrestle Crazy - Levels (Alternative), Popeye 3 - Wrestle Crazy - Game (Alternative), Popeye (Macmillan), Postman Pat 2, Postman Pat,
Prison Riot - 128k, Prison Riot - 48k, Pro Pinball, Pulsator - 128k, Pulsator - 48k, Quiz Quest, Rally Driver (Alternative), Raw Recruit,
River Rescue (Sparklers), Smash TV (The Hit Squad), Snooker Managment, Spectrum Collection I - Side A, Spectrum Collection I - Side B,
Star Wars Droids, Strike, Tau Ceti (Ricochet), The Growing Pains Of Adrian Mole (Ricochet), The Master, The Official Father Christmas (Alternative),
The Rocky Horror Show - 48k (Alternative), The Rocky Horror Show - 128k (Alternative), Trailblazer (Ricochet), Tubaruba, Uridium (Rack-It),
Wild Words, Wizards Lair (Blue Ribbon) and Yabbba Dabba Doo (Bug-Byte).tzx

16/06/2001 63 more tape images to download have been added plus Pro Skateboard Simulator Extended Mix has also been dumped although it cannot be distributed. The new tape images added are:-

A Day In The Life, Barbarian - Part 1 (Kixx), Barbarian - Part 2 (Kixx), Besieged! - Side A, Besieged! - Side B, Beyond The Ice Palace (Encore),
Biggles - Timewarp, Biggles - The Sound Weapon, Biology 'O' Level, Blackbeard, Captain Kelly, Captain Blood - 48k, Chase HQ 2 - 128k,
Chicago 30's, Chips Challenge, Chubby Gristle, Colosseum, Combat School - 128k (The Hit Squad), Combat School - 48k (The Hit Squad),
Crystal Castles, Decor Wreckers, DNA - Warrior 48k, DNA Warrior - 128k, Escape From Arkaron - Side B, Escape From Arkaron - Side A,
F16 - Fighting Falcon - Lightgun (Mastertronic), F16 - Fighting Falcon - Keyboard (Mastertronic), Fernandez Must Die, Havoc, Hong Kong Phooey,
Hopper, Hot Shot, Hunter, Ikari Warriors (Encore), Into The Empire - Side A, Into The Empire - Side B, Jack The Nipper (Kixx), Les Flics,
Lightning Simulator, Lost City, Marble Madness Construction Set, Mask III, Megapede, Mega Tape 09 - Side A, Mega Tape 09 - Side B,
Mega Tape 17 - Side A, Mega Tape 17 - Side B, Mega Tape 19 - Side A, Mega Tape 19 - Side B, Monsters In Hell, Mutant Monty, Quetzalcoatl,
Raiders Of The Cursed Mine, Rolling Thunder (Kixx), Sanxion - 48k, Sanxion - 128k, Sheer Panic, Sonic Boom - Game, Sonic Boom - Levels,
The Crash Sneak Preview Tape - Side 1, The Crash Sneak Preview Tape - Side 2, The Running Man and Zenji.tzx

08/06/2001 Added 70 new tape images and renamed another 20 or so. A new page was also added to the index page listing all spanish tapes which are on the site. I have a lot of tapes from Jose Manuel still to sort out, so these will be available from the new page soon! The new tapes added are:-

1648 (Tape 11) - Side 1, 1648 (Tape 11) - Side 2, 4x4 Off-Road Racing, American Football (Bug-Byte), American Football, Aqua Plane, Artura,
Auf Wiedersehen Monty - 128k, a,b,c...Lift-Off!, Bomber Birds, Bubble Bobble Demo (Ace Magazine), Buggy Blast - Gold Edition,
Carrier Command - 128k, Colossus Chess 4, Commando (Encore), Continental Cirus (Mastertronic Plus), Copta, Deactivators (Firebird),
Death Or Glory, Draughts Genius, Dreadnoughts, Dukes Of Hazzard, Dynamite Dan 2, Escape - Alternate Cover, European Superleague - 128k,
Fairlight 2, Gazza 2, Grand National (Encore), Head Over Heels (The Hit Squad), Howard The Duck, Hysteria, Jackal, Lazer Wheel,
Loads Of Midnight - Part 1, Loads Of Midnight - Part 2, Loads Of Midnight - Part 3, Mad Martha 2, Match Day (The Hit Squad), Motos,
Nifty Lifty (Currys), On The Bench, Operation Thunderbolt - Side 1, Operation Thunderbolt - Side 2, Panzer Attack, Personal Banking System,
Pontoon, Power Drift - Side 1, Power Drift - Side 2, Rastan - 128k (The Hit Squad), Rastan - 48k (The Hit Squad), Road Toad, Rock 'n Roll,
Rolling Thunder, Saboteur (Encore), Shadow Dancer, Spitfire '40' - 128k, Star Wars, Stormbringer - 128k, Street Hassle, Strider 2, Tempest,
The Empire Strikes Back, The Great Escape (The Hit Squad), The Last Mohican, The Snowman, Type Rope, Vigilante, West Bank, World Champions
and Yogi Bear.

01/06/2001 3 new pages have been added to the index page covering the loading schemes:- Alkatraz, Power Load and Soft Lock. The following 109 tape images have been added to the vault, 2 cannot be distributed, quite a few are re-dumps and a lot of new games. The tapes are:-

2112 AD, 3D Adventurer, 3D Graphic Editor, 3D Room Designer, A Question Of Scruples - 128k, ATF, Athena - 48k, Athena - 128k, Basket Master,
Battle Of The Toothpaste Tubes, Blow Out, Bride Of Frankenstien, California Games (Kixx), Catch 23 - 48k, Catch 23 - 128k, Convoy Raider,
Critical Mass, Danger Mouse - In Makin' Whoopee (Alternative), Deactivators - 48k, Deactivators - 128k, Death Wake (Bug-Byte),
Dragon Ninja - 128k (The Hit Squad), Dragon Ninja - 48k (The Hit Squad), Dragon Ninja - 128k, Dragon Ninja - 48k, Fairlight 2 (The Micro Selection),
Fighter Pilot (Byte-Back), Freddy Hardest - Part 1, Freddy Hardest - Part 2, Galactic Games - 128k, Gary Lineker's Hot Shot! (Kixx),
Gary Lineker's Superstar Soccer (Kixx), Ghouls n Ghosts - 48k, Green Beret (The Hit Squad), Gryzor - 48k, Gryzor - 128k, Hard Drivin' - 128k,
Hard Drivin' - 48k, Hyper Sports, Impossamole (GBH), Infiltrator, International Matchday - 128k, Jahangir Khan's World Championship Squash - Club Game,
Jahangir Khan's World Championship Squash - Tournament Game, Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager (Zeppelin), Legend Of Kage (The Hit Squad),
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge, Mantronix, Matchday 2, Mega-Apocalypse - 48k, Mega-Apocalypse - 128k, Mindstone, Mini Office - Side 1,
Mini Office - Side 2, Motorcycle 500, Motor Massacre, Nigel Mansell's Grand Prix - 48k, Nigel Mansell's Grand Prix - 128k, Nihilist,
Olympic Spectacular, Outrun - 128k, Outrun - 48k, Outrun (Kixx), Phantom Club, Ping Pong, Platoon (The Hit Squad), Pud Pud (Americano),
Ramparts, Red LED, Renegade - 128k (The Hit Squad), Renegade - 128k, Renegade - 48k, Road Blasters - 128k (Kixx), Road Blasters - 48k (Kixx),
Road Runner, Rock 'N Wrestle (Firebird), Shadow Of The Beast, Spitting Image, Star Paws, Stifflip & Co - Part 1 (Kixx), Stifflip & Co - Part 2 (Kixx),
Stunt Bike Simulator, Subbuteo, Super Bowl (The Hit Squad), Super Cars, Tai-Pan - 48k, Tai-Pan - 128k, Tank, Techno Cop,
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles - The Coin-Op, The Final Matrix, The Hulk (Americano), The Terrors Of Trantoss, Top Gun (The Hit Squad),
Trans-Atlantic Balloon Challenge, Trivial Pursuit - Genus Edition, Turbo Esprit - Joystick, Turrican (Kixx), Way Of The Tiger (Kixx),
Winter Games - Side 1, Winter Games - Side 2, Wizball, World Class Leaderboard - Course A, World Class Leaderboard - Course B,
World Class Leaderboard - Course C, World Class Leaderboard - Course D, World Series Baseball - Speedlock 4, Xen (Super Sparkles) and
Xeno (Bug-Byte)

28/05/2001 All of the .html files used by the site are now generated thanks to a nifty program written by Martijn van der Heide!! It is now much easier to maintain the site overall and also to add new pages in the future. Watch this space! Since this is the first update using Martijn's .html generation program I thought I'd keep it small to see how it goes. ** NOTE ** It looks like the behaviour of the links have changed!! Don't forget to right click on the links, then select save as to save the .zip files to your hard disk :-) Anyway, another 28 tape images have been added:-

Barbarian 2 - 48k, Barbarian 2 - 128k, Brave Starr, Centipede, Chicken Chase, Cylu, Cyrus Is Chess - 48k, Dictator, Elite - 48k, Gerry The Germ,
Ground Force Zero, Helping Hands, Joe Blade 3 - 128k, Joe Blade 3 - 48k, Karnov, Number Fun, Rasputin, Rasputin - Hot Demo, Runestone, Rygar (Kixx), Skyfox, Summer Games - Side A, Summer Games - Side B, Table Sums, Willow Pattern, Word Games, Word Spell and ZX Spectrum Pro-Am Golf.

13/05/2001 Added the following 59 tape images for download :-

Basket Master, Bobsleigh, Boulderdash 3, Butcher Hill, Capitan Trueno, Catch 23 - 128k, Championship Sprint - Track Editor, Championship Sprint,
Charlie Chaplin, Combat School - 48k, Cop-Out, Death Star Inteceptor, Desolator, Edd The Duck!, El Mundo Perdido, El Poder Oscuro,
Freddy Hardest (1), Freddy Hardest (2), Future Knight, Game Over - 48k (1), Game Over - 48k (2), Game Over - 128k, Go Bear Go!, Grange Hill - 48k, Great Gurianos, Guadalcanal, Hardball, Head The Ball, Impossible Mission II, K-Ring, Kickboxing, Klax, Lazer Tag, Leaderboard Tournament,
Mega Apocalypse, Mission Elevator, Moon Strike, Muncher - 128k, Navy Seals (A) - 128k, Navy Seals (B) - 128k, Nether Earth, Ninja Scooter Simulator, Ricochet, Rupert And The Ice Palace, Satan - Part 1, Satan - Part 2, Shackled, Silent Shadow, Skateboard Construction System, Skate Crazy, Sophistry, Starfox, Survivor, Swiv - 128k, The Famous 5, The Mystery Of The Nile, The Rocky Horror Show - 128k and The Rocky Horror Show - 48k.

All denied games which have been dumped are also now displayed although they are not available for download. This is so contributors know which denied games have been preserved already!

12/05/2001 Added a for sale / trade, wanted and a help page.

29/04/2001 Added 66 new tape images, of which 62 can be downloaded. The other four are Sinclair branded versions of Cookie, Jetpac and Pssst plus Strider (Kixx) which is a Capcom title. The games available for download are:-

2112 AD, Acro Jet, Ad Astra, Afghan Attack, Airwolf (Encore), Airwolf 2 (Encore), Alpine Games, Altered Beast (The Hit Squad), American Football (Bug-Byte), Arcade Fruit Machine, Arcade Trivia Quiz, Arkanoid II - 48k (The Hit Squad), Arkanoid II - 128k (The Hit Squad), Artist, A Tangled Tale, Aufwiedersehen Pet, Ballblazer, Barbarian 2 - 48k (Kixx), Barbarian 2 - 128k (Kixx), Bombjack (Encore), Bonkers, California Games, Capital Letters, Carnival, Copper, Dan Dare II - Mekon's Revenge (Ricochet), European II, Eye Of Vartan, Lunar Rescue (CRL), Magic Mountain, Metrocross (Kixx), Muggins The Spaceman, Paperboy (Encore), Plus D System Tape, Pogotron, Print Utilities - 16k, Print Utilities - 48k, Red Scorpion (Bug-Byte), Riding The Rapids, Ruff And Ready In The Space Adventure, Saboteur II - Avenging Angel - 48k (Encore), Santa's Christmas Caper, Scooby Doo (Encore), Sea Of Zirun, Space Shuttle (Activision), Specdicul!, Star Searcher, Star Seeker, Star Wars (The Hit Squad), Super Talk, The Doomsday Papers, The Empire Strikes Back (The Hit Squad), The Hexagonal Museum, The Moreby Jewels, Thundercats (Encore), Thunder Blade (Kixx), Time Quest, Time Trax (Bug-Byte), Tomb Of Dracula, To The Manor Bourne, Turbo Esprit (Encore) and Turbo Skate Fighter.

09/04/2001 The following 52 tape images have been added:-

0921 Side 1 - Gnasher, 0921 Side 2 - Spectipede, Action Reflex, Adventure 1, Airborne Ranger (Erbe), ATF, Barry McGuigan World Championship Boxing, Biorhythms, Bomb Fusion, Bubble Buster, Captain Blood - 128k, Chess Tutor - Side A, Chess Tutor - Side B, Cobra (The Hit Squad), Cowl Index - 128k, Driller Tanks, Eric And The Floaters, Espionage Island (Sinclair), French Vocabulary, Gemini Wing - Side 1 (Mastertronic Plus), Gemini Wing - Side 2 (Mastertronic Plus), Geography 1, Geometry, Gobble A Ghost, Hit Pak Trio - Side A, Hit Pak Trio - Side B, Inside Outing, Jonah Barrington's Squash (Mastertronic), Mag Max, Monkey Bizness, Overlander - 128k, Pastimes 1, Pastimes 2, Rampage (The Hit Squad), Rebel (Ricochet), Salamander (The Hit Squad), SDI - Strategic Defence Initiative (The Hit Squad), Sidewinder II (Mastertronic Plus), Speedboat Assassin, Star Trail, Talos, Tetris - 48k (Mastertronic Plus), Tetris - 128k (Mastertronic Plus), The Hobbit (Sinclair), The Train, The War Of The Worlds, The Way Of The Exploding Fist (Ricochet), Wec Le Mans (The Hit Squad), Xenon - Side 1 (Mastertronic Plus), Xenon - Side 2 (Mastertronic Plus), Zipper Flipper and ZX Berzerk.

09/03/2001 The .tzx vault is now an associate of the World Of Spectrum :) To mark the occasion, this update is a bit larger than normal. The following 92 tapes have been added:-

1999 (Summit), 720, 720 (Kixx), Alien, Alien Syndrome, Arkanoid (The Hit Squad), Astro, Bandera, Batman The Caped Crusader - Fate Worse Than Death, Borer Deep, Captain Blood (Players), Captain Planet, Cascade 50 - Side A, Cascade 50 - Side B, Centi-Bug, Chinos, Chiron, City Of Death, Colony, Combat Lynx - Joystick, Crystal Quest, Dangerous Garden, Dinky Digger, Double Dragon, Dragonninja - 48k (The Hit Squad), Election, European Soccer League - 128k, Forth, Frank Bruno's Boxing - Side 1 (Encore), Frank Bruno's Boxing - Side 2 (Encore), Games 1, Give My Regards To Broad Street, Goblin Crusher, Gonuffos, Granja, Grey Island, Hero Quest - 48k, Hero Quest - 128k, Hisoft Pascal 17M, Holiday In Sumaria, Icon Graphix - Side 1 (G-Cassette), Icon Graphix - Side 2 (G-Micro), ICUPS, Ikari Warriors, IK+ - 48k, Knockout, Labyrman, Laserwarp, Legend Of The Amazon Women (Mastertonic Plus), Life Of Harry, Mad In Cascais, Manic Miner (Alternate Cover), Mask, M Coder 3, Mindtrap.tzx, Moon Cresta (Alternative), Myth (Kixx), Navy Seals, Nosferatu The Vampyre (Alternative), Overlander - 48k, Pac-Land, Pick Pocket, Pinball Power, Ping Pong (The Hit Squad), Pulsoids, Redcoats, Rollaround, Roundheads, Shadow Warriors - 48k, Shadow Warriors - 128k, Skyranger, Small Business Accounts - Side A, Small Business Accounts - Side B, Stunt Car Racer - 128k (Kixx), Super Brat, Terror Of The Deep - 48k, Terror Of The Deep - 128k, The Fifth Quadrant, The Fourth Protocol - Part 1, The Fourth Protocol - Part 2, The Fourth Protocol - Part 3, The Fury - 48k, Thundercats - 128k, Thunderbirds - Part 1, Thunderbirds - Part 2, Thunderbirds - Part 3, Thunderbirds - Part 4, Time Quest, Tripods, Video Stop, Weetabix Vs The Titchies and Xanagrams

26/02/2001 Added a new page listing sinclair tapes by their indexing system plus the following tapes:-

Airliner, Back To The Future - Part II, Bloodwych, Break Thru, Death Star, English Literature 1, Games Pack 1 (Abacus), Ghostbusters II, Grid-Run,
Krazy Kong, Leviathan - 48k, Leviathan - 128k, Platoon (Speedlock 6), Roadblasters (Speedlock 5), Speech Marks, The Fury - 128k, Vixen and Xevious.

15/02/2001 The .tzx vault is 1 year old today! On this day last year, I converted Quest Adventure by Hewson Consultants and Star Trek by Impact Software, which at the time were on the MIS lists:- http://www.sunderland.ac.uk/~as0aba/missing/MIS.html

I'd like to thank everyone who has contributed to the site.

The following tapes have been added this time:-

10th Frame, Andy Capp, Astro Marine Corps - Part 1, Astro Marine Corps - Part 2, Backgammon (CDS), Ballbreaker, Barbarian II - 128k, BC Bill, Dick Tracy, Five-A-Side Footy, Football Club, Football Club - Revision 2, Jack Charlton's Match Fishing, Minefield, Odyssey I, Paperboy 2, Robot Attack, Stunt Car Racer - 128k, Stunt Car Racer - 48k, The Addams Family - 128k, The Armageddon Man - 128k, The Black Hole, The Never Ending Story - 128k, Ultima Ratio, World Cup and quite a few YS covertapes.

03/02/2001 Added ATF (Byte-Back), Back To The Future - Part III, Dynamite Dux, Predator 2, Robocop 2 - 128k, Shadow Warriors, Shinobi,
Spacegun - 128k, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, The Ice Temple, The Untouchables, TT Racer (Byte-Back) and Turbo The Tortoise.

29/01/2001 Thanks to Craig Sanderson and Martin Crozier we now have a logo!! Let me know what you think. Craig can be contacted at:- c.sanderson@etech-uk.com

14/01/2001 Added screen shots to the YS top 100 page.

08/01/2001 Added screen shots to the YS readers top 100 page. If everyone likes it I'll add screen shots to more pages.

02/01/2001 Added a few new tapes and a wad of Your Sinclair covertapes.

The tapes added are:- Chuckie Egg 2 (Pick 'n' Choose), F-16 Combat Pilot (Action Sixteen), General Election, Kingdom Of Krell - 128k, Miami Vice (The Hit Squad), Olli & Lissa - The Ghost Of Shilmoore, Rogue Trooper (Alternative), Scope II - Side A, Scope II - Side B, Stunt Car Racer - 48k (Kixx),
Tank Busters, Think! (Firebird), Total Eclipse, Total Eclipse - Crash Trainer, Total Eclipse II - The Sphinx Jinx, Xenon.tzx and 23 YS tape images.

22/12/2000 Added numerous links to various games list pages to the games entry in the publisher page. 74 new tape images have been added this time which completely clears my backlog ;) The games added are:-

3D Stock Car Championship, Armageddon (Silversoft), Billy Bong, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, Granny's Garden - Part 1, Granny's Garden (Part 2), Gulpman (Campbell Systems), Hard Drivin' - 48k, Knightmare, Komplex, Renegade 2 - Target Renegade - 48k, Renegade 3 - The Final Chapter - 48k, Saigon Combat Unit - Side 1, Saigon Combat Unit - Side 2, Score, Shanghai Karate - Side A, Shanghai Karate - Side B, Sherlock v2.0, Short Circuit - 128k, Sir Loin, Skatin' USA, Skyfox, Soccer 7, Soldier Of Fortune, Soldier Of Fortune (v8.88), Solomon's Key, Spectrum Chess 2, Spectrum Special 3, Speculator, Spellbound - 48k ** New dump ** , Spiky Harold, Spindizzy, Starglider 2 - 128k, Starglider 2 - 48k, Starglider - 128k, Street Cred' Boxing, Street Cred' Football, Subterranean Stryker, Superbowl - Speedlock 2, Superkid, Superman - The Game, Supertrux, Sword Of The Samurai, Tau Ceti - Special Edition - 128k, Temple Of Terror, Terrahawks, Terramex, The Adventures Of Sinbad, Their Finest Hour, The Sacred Armour Of Antiriad, The Search For Terrestrial Intelligence, The Serf's Tale, The Trapdoor, Thing, Thomas The Tank Engine, Thunderbirds, Time Scanner, Track Suit Manager, Trail Racer, Trantor, Turmoil, Turtle Timewarp, Uridium (Erbe), Video Card Arcade, Viking Raiders, Vulcan - 48k, Vulcan - 128k, War 70, War Cars Construction Set, Winter Sports, World Games, Xarax, Xarq and finally Zorro.

I'd also like to send my best wishes to everyone in the emulation community for Xmas and the New Year ;)

17/12/2000 Improved some of the icons and also added some more games to the currah speech page.

16/12/2000 Added lots of nice icons to the site to spruce it up a bit. Some tapes will be uploaded soon!

05/12/2000 Added 38 new images thanks to David batty, Derek Glen, Andrew Barker and myself! Anyway, the games are:-

American 3D Pool, Chess (299), Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer - 48k, Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer - 128k, Elite - 48k, Flight Simulation (299), Lone Wolf - The Mirror Of Death, Obliterator, Park Patrol, Path Find, Phantomas, Post Mortem, Prodigy, Pyjamarama (Version 2), Quack-Shot, Raider, Rail Traffic Control Exeter, Rally Cross, Reactor, Rebel, Reblestar - 1 Player, Reblestar - 2 Players, River Raid, Robot Factory, Rothman's Football Quick Quiz, Royal Birkdale, Run The Gauntlet, Shao Lin's Road (The Hit Squad), Silicon Dreams, Snooker (Artic), Spectrum Golf, Tai-Chi Tortoise Demo, Tempest, The Last Mission (Opera Soft), The Real Ghostbusters, The Realm and Viz - The Computer Game.

01/12/2000 Another 48 tape images this time thanks mainly to David Batty. The new games are:-

2003, 3D Construction Kit, 3D Desert Patrol, 3D Quadracube, Airbrush, Alien Maze, Barmy Burgers, Black Crystal, Black Planet,Bozy Boa, C, Camelot, Caterpillar, Centropods, Dallas, Death In Russia 1941, Desert Burner, Earth Shaker, ETX, Everest Ascent, Fantasia, Forest Of Doom, Frog 5, Froggy (R&B Marketing), Fruit Snapper, Games Pack, Greedy Gulch, Ice Attack, Jet Set Willy Editor, Lancer Lords, Learn To Program, Liberator, M-Doc, Magnets, Metropolis, Millimon, Realm Of Impossibility, Return To Eden, Runestone, Scooby And Scrappy Doo, Temple Of Vran, The Golden Pyramid, The Wrath Of Magra, Toy Bizarre, Waterloo, Wrath Of The Killer Pigs, Zaxxan and Zybex.

26/11/2000 Added the following 43 tape images:-

4D Time Gate, Backgammon (Hewson), Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge (The Hit Squad), Dun Darach (Rebound), Heavy On The Magick (Rebound), HURG, Hyper Sports (The Hit Squad), Impossamole, Invaders, Marsport (Rebound), Orc Island, Paras, Pharoah's Tomb, Pimania, Plum Duff, Predator (The Hit Squad), Quackers, Rambo III (The Hit Squad), Road Runner (Protek), Roulette, Santa, Savage Island Part 1, Shadowfire Tuner, Ship Of The Line, Show-Down, Slippery Sid, Sooty And Sweep, Sorcerer's Castle, Spy vs Spy 3 - Arctic Antics, Sweevo's World (Rebound), Tai-Chi Tortoise, Tascopy, Tau Ceti - 128k, The Wizard's Scrolls, Tir Na Nog (Rebound), Transylvanian Tower, Turrican 2, Twilight Zone, Willow Pattern, Z-Man and Zodiac Master.

23/11/2000 Added the following 47 tape images:-

A Picture Of Innocence, A Trick Of The Tale, Deactivators - 128k, M Coder 2, Metal Army, Mission Impossable (Silversoft), Moonlight Madness, Mrs Mopp, Next War, Northstar, Overlord, Paddington's Early Visit, Paddington's Garden Game, Paragram, Paranoid Pete, Paratroopers, Party Time, Pascal, Pengy, Phileas Phogg, Pod, Podder, Pool (Blue Ribbon), Postman Pat 3 - To The Rescue, Power Drift, Power Drift (Alternate), Practically Impossable, Psycho City, Punctuation Pete, Punters Pal, Rainy Day, Ring Wars, Sai Combat, Sigma 7, Space Shuttle, Spectrum Safari, Spore, Stainless Steel, Stalingrad, Starglider 2, Stay Kool, Steve Davis Snooker (CDS), Stifflip & Co, Thanatos, The Pen And The Dark, The Price Of Magik and Theatre Europe.

20/11/2000 Added the following 34 tape images:-

Ancient Battles, Annals Of Rome, Blitzkrieg, Blockade Runner, Cybernoid 2, Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge, Dawnssley, Enlightenment - Druid 2, Exolon, Full Throttle 2, Gunrunner, Helter Skelter, Invasion Force (CCS), Judge Dredd, Kayleth, Knight Orc - Part 1 - 128k, Knight Orc - Part 1 - 48k, Knight Orc - Part 2 - 128k, Knight Orc - Part 2 - 48k, Knight Orc - Part 3 - 128k, Knight Orc - Part 3 - 48k, Last Mission, Lerm TUb, Marble Madness Deluxe Edition, Matrix, Max Headroom, Melbourne Draw, Mercenary, Mercenary - The Second City, Mordon's Quest, Rainbow Islands, Sim City, Transversion and Zynaps.

16/11/2000 Added the following 59 new tape images thank mainly to David Batty :-

ACE 2088 - 48k, Agent Orange, Antteroo, Arnhem, Ashes, Barchou, Beach Buggy Simulator, Bedlam, Big Trouble In Little China, Blazing Thunder, Braxx Bluff, Brian Bloodaxe, Buggy Blast, Byte, Captain America, Cargo, Cauldron 2, Championship Baseball, Classroom Chaos, Cobra - Alternate, Codename Mat 2, Comando Tracer, Commando (Double Play Adventures), Dark Fusion, Desert Rats, Down To Earth, Dungeon Dare, Dynamix, Dynamite Dan 2, Emerald Isle, Erik - The Phantom Of The Opera, Evil Crown, Explorer, Fall Guy, Gallipoli, GBA Basketball, GFL Championship Football, Ghostbusters - Speedlock 2, Gothik, Go To Hell, Grid Bug, Handball Maradona, High Frontier, Hive, House Of The Living Dead, Hunter Killer, Impossaball, Mindstone, Nodes Of Yesod - 48k, Nodes Of Yesod - 128k, Robin Of The Wood - 48k, Space Harrier, The Arc Of Yesod - 48k, The Birds, The Fast And The Furious, The Guardian, The Helm, The Hulk and Traxx.

11/11/2000 Added the following 39 new tape images:-

Learn Basic - Tape 1 (Side 1), Learn Basic - Tape 1 (Side 2), Learn Basic - Tape 2 (Side 1), Learn Basic - Tape 2 (Side 2), Mad Mix, Mask II, Masters Of The Universe - The Arcade Game, Mazeman, Mazemania, Mean Streak - 48k, Mean Streak - 128k, Merry Xmas Santa, Mickey Mouse - The Computer Game, Micro Olympics, Microprose Soccer - 48k - Side A, Microprose Soccer - 48k - Side B, Micro Trivia, Mind Fighter, Monopoly, Motorcycle Crazy!, Murder, Mushroom Alley, Navy Moves - Part 1, Navy Moves - Part 2, Ninja Commando, Nursery Rhyme Adventure, Operation Turtle, Opposition, Orc Slayer, The Graphic Adventure Creator - Advinman, The Graphic Adventure Creator, The Illustrator, The Munsters, The Orb, White Lightning - Microdrive Version, White Lightning - Microdrive Version (Sprite Generator), White Lightning - Demo A, White Lightning - Demo B and Zig-Zag.

04/11/2000 Added various scans to the images page plus the following 29 new tape images:-

Andre's Night Off, I Aint Got Nobody, I Alien, Identikit, Imagination, International Football, International Karate - Side 1, International Karate - Side 2, Italia 90, Italy 1990 - Winners Edition, Jet Set Willy (PCG Bugfix), Jocky Wilson's Compendium Of Darts, Joe Blade, Joe Blade 2 - 128k, Joe Blade 2 - 48k, Krakout, Julius Caesar, Joe Blade 3 - 128k, Joe Blade 3 - 48k, Karnov, Kendo Warrior, Kick Boxing, Kick Off 2 - 128k, Legend Of The Amazon Women, Lunar Rescue, The Jade Stone - Part 1, The Jade Stone - Part 2, The Jewels Of Babylon and The JSW Soaring Game.

For completeness I've also added The Perils Of Willy to the series page even though its a Vic 20 game!!

30/10/2000 Added a new page which contains 6 .zip files with all the games available on the site. They are around 6Mb each!!

29/10/2000 Added bookmarks to the developer, publisher and series games lists just to make navigation a little easier and also added two new pieces of artwork to the images page:- The Lords Of Midnight and Doomdark's Revenge maps from the back of the manuals. I've also added several utilities and a Perl script for downloading .tzx files from this site to the Utils page. The games added in this release are:-

Henry IV, Down Town, Draconus, Dragon Slayer, Dr Maddo, Droidz, Dungeons Of Doom, Eliminator (Hewson) Equinox, Escape From Sylon 6, Excalibur - Sword Of Kings, Exploding Wall, Express Raider, Fahrenheit 3000, Fire Flash, Fireman Fred, Football Director, Frog Hopper, Gauntlet 2, Giant's Dinner, Golf, Graeme Souness Soccer Manager, Graham Gooch's Test Cricket, Grand Prix Master, Gremlins - The Adventure, Grid Iron (Amercian Football), Gunslinger, Hades Nebula, Handy Andy, Harlequin, Dominoes, Hercules Slayer Of The Damned, Highway Code Test, Hotfoot, Human Killing Machine - 128k, Human Killing Machine - 48k, The Flintstones, The French Mistress and The Goonies.

22/10/2000 Added two new pages to the site. The first covers utility programs for creating and processing .tzx files. The second contains various scanned images including maps, protection cards and adverts. I've also added three maps to the new image page:- The Lords Of Midnight from Personal Computer Games October 1984 edition and also A3 scans of the Lords Of Midnight and Doomdark's Revenge maps from the September 1991 edition of Crash. I've also scanned in the campaign map for Doomdark's Revenge but first I need to touch it up a little before uploading it.

20/10/2000 Added the following games:- Bingo, Blade Alley, Bionic Commando - 128k, Block Busters, Blood Brothers, Brain Damage,
Butch - Hard Guy, Byte Bitten, Cashcade, Cash Dash, Castle Colditz, Chevy Chase, Chinese Patience, Chip Chek, Cloud 99 - 48k, Cloud 99 - 128k,
Colossal Caves, Computer Maniac's Diary, Count With Oliver, Cowboy Kidz, Crazy Crane, Krazy Golf, Cricket Captain, The Crypt, Cubey,
Custerd's Quest, Danger Mouse - In Makin' Whoopee, Dc, Deflektor, Denizen - 48k, Denizen - 128k, Destroyer and Deviants.

I've also added a rare poster of the Lords Of Midnight from Personal Computer Games Aug '84 edition. As far as I'm aware this isn't available anywhere else on the internet! Its about 1.2Mb so be warned. Included in the next update will be a scan of the Doomdark's Revenge A2 campaign plotter which again cannot be found anywhere else on the internet plus re-scans of the Crash Lords of Midnight and Doomdark's Revenge maps in A3 format!

14/10/2000 Added the following games:- 3D Lunattack, Basil The Great Mouse Detective, Batman (The Hit Squad), Batman - The Movie (The Hit Squad),
Beat The Clock, Billy Blue Bottle, Championship Baseball (Alternative), Combat Zone (Alternative), Count Duckula II - 48k, Count Duckula II - 128k,
Daley Thompson's Decathlon - Day 1 (The Hit Squad), Daley Thompson's Decathlon - Day 2 (The Hit Squad), Dragon Spirit (The Hit Squad),
Evening Star, Ghosts 'n Goblins, Gryzor - 48k (The Hit Squad), Gryzor - 128k (The Hit Squad), Hideous (Alternative), Ice Attack (Alternative),
Licence To Kill - 48k (The Hit Squad), Licence To Kill - 128k (The Hit Squad), Midnight Resistance - 128k (The Hit Squad), Midnight Resistance - 48k (The Hit Squad), Nemesis (The Hit Squad), Ocean Racer (Alternative), Operation Wolf - 48k (The Hit Squad), Operation Wolf - 128k (The Hit Squad),
Operation Thunderbolt (The Hit Squad), Pro Tennis Tour (The Hit Squad), Quartet (The Hit Squad), Rainbow Islands (The Hit Squad), Road Racers,
Robocop (The Hit Squad), Short Circuit - 128k (The Hit Squad), Short Circuit - 48k (The Hit Squad), Spitting Image (The Hit Squad),
Superted (Alternative), The Real Ghostbusters (The Hit Squad), The Shadows Of Mordor, The Wombles (Alternative), VU-File and Xybots (The Hit Squad).

06/10/2000 Added a couple of more games to the YS top 100 lists, not many needed now to complete the lists ;) Many thanks to Andrew Barker again and David Batty for a huge contribution, this update contains a fraction of what David has submitted, so stay tuned for more updates soon. The games are:- 1999(Alternative), 321, 3D Vortex, Aircraft, Air Raid, Alky Ollie, Arena, Art Master (Alternative), Attack On Atlantis,
Attack Of The Empire, Avenger(Abacus), Bouncing Berty, Bump Set Spike, Dragon's Lair, Eskimo Capers, Frankenstein 2000,
GoldenAxe - 128k, Greyfell, Hijack, Ice Attack (Alternative), Johnny Reb, Kosmic Kanga, Lightforce - Speedlock 4,
Marie Celeste, Motorbike Madness, Music Box - 48k, Music Box - 128k, Nightmare, Ocean Racer, Raster Runner,
Shanghai Warriors, Star Buster (Alternative), Star Paws (Alternative), Starquake, Switchblade, The Ark, Thing Bounces Back,
Uchi-Mata (Alternative), Wacky Races and Wally Kong.

22/09/2000 Filled in a lot of gaps in the YS top 100, Mastertronic and Alternative index pages. The tapes added this time are:- 4 Most Adventures,
Aliens US (Alternative), Amaurote, Back 2 Skool (Alternative), BMX Ninja (Alternative), Bosconian 87, Bounder, Butch Hard Guy (Alternative),
Cybernoid, Dan Dare, Dynamite Dan, Everyones A Wally (Alternative), Football Manager 2, Gun Boat (Alternative), Howzat (Alternative), Hyper Sports,
Hysteria (Alternative), Lifeterm (Alternative), Mad Flunky (Alternative), Metalyx (Alternative), Micro Mouse Goes De-Bugging, Narc-128k, Narc-128k-Levels,
Ninja, Nonterraqueous, Red Arrows (Alternative), Rogue, Saboteur II - Avenging Angel - 128k, Scumball, Se - Kaa Of Assiah - Part 1, Se - Kaa Of Assiah - Part 2, Skool Daze (Alternative), Soccer Boss (Alternative), Space Crusade - 128k, Space Crusade - 48K, Speedzone, Splat! (Alternative), Storm,
Strike Force Cobra (Alternative), The Colour Of Magic (Alternative), The Eidolon (Ricochet), The Key, The Key - Headerless,Through The Trap Door (Alternative), Ultimate Combat Machine, WWF Wrestlemania - 128k (The Hit Squad) and Yogi Bear (Alternative). A big thank you goes to Andrew Barker who supplied most of the tape images this time.

16/09/2000 A little update this time to keep the updates ticking over. The tapes added this release are:- 3D Bat Attack, Adder Attack, Beach Head II, Beamrider,
Continental Circus, Cybo Run, Defenda, El Dorado, Eureka!-Parts1-3, Eureka!-Parts4&5, Headbangers Heaven, Kirel, Las Vegas Casino, Lone Wolf-Part1,
Lone Wolf-Part2, Magic Meanies, Meteoroids, Millionaire (Currys), Millionaire, Mountains Of Ket, Othello, Panzadrome, Pro Golf, Rattler, Repulsar-Joystick,
Repulsar-Keyboard, Saboteur II - Avenging Angel - 48k, Slicker Puzzle, Soccer Director, Son Of Blagger, Space Harrier 2 - Levels (Unique), Space Harrier 2 - Side 1 (Unique), Spider-Man (Americana), Splat!, The Claws Of Despair, The Quill, William Wobbler, Wonder Boy, Wonder Boy - Levels,
WorldCupFootball and Your Spectrum Mega Basic. I have also renamed Beachead to BeachHead.

03/09/2000 Just a small update this time as I've just come back from my holidays. All the bad link reports have been fixed and the following games have been added:- Antics, Apollo 2, A Ticket To Ride, Bulls Eye, Chronos, Fire Hawks, Geoff Capes Strong Man (Ricochet), Hacker (Ricochet), Hotch Potch, Hyperbowl, Jet Set Willy 2 - The Final Frontier (Ricochet), Panther, Prowler, Rapid Fire, Rescue, Rifle Range, Rockford, Spectipede, The Birds And The Bees, The Curse Of Sherwood, Werewolves Of London, Xcel, Gregory Loses His Clock, Camelot Warriors, Flyer Fox and tape 0508 on the Mastertronic index page (27 tapes in total).

24/08/2000 Due to some sloppiness on my part some people have lost track of the games which were removed / added during July. Sorry about this. After spending so much time converting the games I couldn't be bothered to list them here. From now on I'll be listing the new tapes added to the site on this page. Anyway, to try and make up for it here is a listing of my tzx directory tzxgames.txt in order of date which should help you to figure out which tapes you are missing (Thanks to Charles Hanlon for pointing this out, by the way Charles all my emails to you keep getting bounced back). The games which were removed are listed below dated 24/07/2000.

15/08/2000 Over 140 tape images this time making this update the biggest so far! The tapes added are:- 180 (MAD), Academy - Data (Summit),
Academy - Program (Summit), Action Force, Alien 8 (Ricochet), Alien Destroyer, Aliens, APB, Avenger, Back To The Future, Barbarian - Part 1,
Barbarian - Part 2, Bargain Basement, Blade Runner, BMX Kidz, Boulderdash 2 - Rockford's Revenge, Boxing, Brainstorm,Brian Jack's Superstar Challenge, Bubble Bobble, Cannibal Island, Capital Letters, Castle Blackstar, Castle Master, Castle Master II - The Crypt, Castle Spellerous, Centronics Printer Software,
Chase HQ (The Hit Squad), Codebook Caper, Collector's Pack, Collision Course, Computer Christmas Card, Contact Sam Cruise (Summit),
Count Duckula, Cyrox, Data Genie - 128k, Data Genie - 48k, Deathball 2000, Death Wish 3, Delta Wing - 1 Player, Devils Of The Deep, Eliminator,
European Soccer Challenge, Flunky, Footballer, Frogger, Galaxy Attack, Gunfighter, Gunship-128k, Harvey Headbanger, Heartbroken, Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom, I Of The Mask (Silverbird), Jumbly, Killer Ring, Knightmare (Ricochet), Komplex City, Laser Squad, Laser Squad (Upgrade),
Las Vegas Video Poker, League Challenge, Lifeguard, Los Angeles SWAT (Entertainment USA), Masters Of The Universe, Megabucks, Metrocross,
Murder At The Manor, Music Master, Ocean Conqueror, Octan, Oops!, Pakacuda, Panama Joe, Pioneer, Pitfall II (Firebird), Popeye (Alternative),
Powerplay, Professional Footballer, Punchy, Pyjamarama, R-Type (The Hit Squad), Red Moon, Red Scorpion, Rex, Sabotage, Sceptre Of Bagdad,
Scuba Kidz, Shadows Of The Past, Shockway Rider, Short's Fuse, Shuttle Shock, Sinbad And The Golden Ship, Skateboard Kidz, Snoopy,
Soft & Cuddly, Space Command, Spectral Invaders, Spellbound - 128k, Spike, Spitfire '40', Spooked, Super Nova, Tag Team Wrestling, Taipan - 48k,
Tasks, Temple Terror, That's The Spirit, The Bow, The General, The Growing Pains Of Adrian Mole, The Guardian Angel, The Mafia Contract,
The Ocean Dancer, The O Zone, The Pawn - 128k, The Train Game, The Trap Door (Alternative), The Warlock Of Firetop Mountain, Through The Trapdoor,
Time Line, Titanic Blinky, Tomcat, Treble Champions, Turbo Accounts, Turbo Base, Turbo Calc, Turbo Text, Tutankhamun, Vampire Killer, Voidrunner,
Way Of The Tiger, Werewolves Of London, Wild Bunch and Yogi's Great Escape.

Since a lot of re-releases are now been added to the site, when a game appears twice, the alternate version will now contain the name of the publisher in brackets.

08/08/2000 76 tapes added this update. I've also added new lists for Currah Speech compatible games and also games released by the Hit Squad (Arcade, Movie and Sports collections). Check out the series and developer lists for some advert scans for games that never quite made it! ;)

New tapes this update are:- 16k Monitor, 3D Combat Zone, 48k Monitor, ACE, Ace Of Aces, Action Reflex (Ricochet),
Aliens (Ricochet), APB (The Hit Squad), Aqua Squad, Batman (The Hit Squad), Beyond Basic, Bruce Lee-Americana,
Cauldron, Cavern Fighter, Crazy Cars (The Hit Squad), Dan Dare (Ricochet), Driller (The Hit Squad), Enduro Racer (The Hit Squad), FA Cup Football (Ricochet), Fist 2 (Mastertronic Plus), Ghostbusters (Ricochet), Hacker 2(Mastertronic Plus), Hard Drivin' - 128k (The Hit Squad), Hard Drivin' - 48k (The Hit Squad), KokotoniWilf, Konami Tennis (The Hit Squad).
Land Of Sagan, Lemmings - Game & Tricky Levels, Lemmings - Taxing Levels & Mayhem Levels, Make A Chip,
Manic Miner (Mastertronic Plus), Matchday 2 (The Hit Squad), Mikie (The Hit Squad), Ostron,
Passing Shot (The Hit Squad), Pitman Seven, Pool, Pool - CDS, Red Hawk, Renegade - 128k (The Hit Squad),
Renegade - 48k (The Hit Squad), Renegade 2 - Target Renegade (The Hit Squad), Renegade 3 - The Final Chapter (The Hit Squad), Riddlers Den, Run The Gauntlet (The Hit Squad), Scrabble - Sinclair, Silk Worm (Mastertronic Plus),
Slap Fight (The Hit Squad), Southern Belle, Spectres, Spectro Sim, Street Gang, Styx, Superman, Survival, Tasword Two,
The Evil Dead, The Ludoids Adventures - Parts 1 & 2, The Ludoids Adventures - Parts 3 & 4, The New Zealand Story (The Hit Squad), The Runes Of Zendos, The Trader Trilogy, The Untouchables (The Hit Squad), The Vindicator -48k (The Hit Squad), TheVindicator - 128k (The Hit Squad), Thomas The Tank Engine's Fun With Words, Throne Of Fire,
Trashman, Winter Games - 128k, Wonder Boy (The Hit Squad), Yie Ar Kung - Fu (The Hit Squad) and ZX - Forth

27/07/2000 Added 89 new games (which were mostly donated) to the site and also split the turboload page into seperate pages for each scheme, bleepload and speedlock 1-7. I've almost got all the games that appear in the two YS lists so, if you have any that are missing I'd love to hear from you. The same goes for the Mastertronic index page, there are quite a few gaps in the list and a few missing games. Anyone care to help?

26/07/2000 I've rejigged the pages which should fix a few download problems. I've updated the YS lists with a couple of games each and also added 5 new tape images to the Crash covertape page.

24/07/2000 The site is now being hosted by Retrogames. Thanks to Atila for offering to host the site and everyone else who made contributions towards this update. Three new lists have been added which list 128k only games, the Your Sinclair top 100 games and also the Your Sinclair readers top 100 games. These lists were published in the very last issue of Your Sinclair back in September 1993.

There have been lots of new games added, 51 games updated with perfect images and 67 games removed. Some of the games were removed because the .tzx files contained incorrect pause information between blocks. Since this site was setup for preservation purposes those games had to go. Once I have perfect copies of these games they will be put back up. The games which contained errors but have been replaced have an icon next to them.

The removed games are:- 2112 AD, 3D Lunattack, Antics, Aufwiedersehen Monty - 128k, Avenger, BC's Quest For Tyres, Bombjack 2, Boulderdash 2, Bounces, Combat Zone, Cybernoid, Deflektor, Double Dragon, Dragons Lair, Dynamite Dan 2, Dynamite Dan, Evening Star, Exolon, Firelord, Footballer Of The Year 2, Freez Beez, Ghosts n Goblins, Glug Glug, Gunrunner, Hypersports, ICUPS, Ikari Warriors, Impossaball, Judge Dredd, Kokotoni Wilf, Kosmic Kanga, Kwah, Mad Martha 2, Marauder, Mask 3 - Venom Strikes Back, Moon Cresta, Moon Patrol, Nosferatu, On The Run, Pitman 7, Pole Position, Rapscallion, Red Led, Robin Of The Wood - 128k, Robotron 2084, Rollercoaster, Saboteur 2 - 128k, Saboteur 2 - 48k, Saboteur, Sacred Armour Of Antiriad, Shanghai Warriors - 128k, Shanghai Warriors - 48k, Shockway Rider, Spellbound - 128k, Stainless Steel, Starquake, Stay Kool, Stormlord, Strontium Dog - The Killing,
Sweevo's Whirled - 128k, The Birds And The Bees, The House Jack Built, The Runes Of Zendos, Trashman, Uridium, Warlock Of Firetop Mountain and Who Dares Wins II

The replaced games are:- 3D Deathchase., Android 2, Android, Ant Attack, Armageddon, Astroclone, Aufwiedersehen Monty, Backpacker Guide To The Universe, Cavelon, Chuckie Egg 2, Chuckie Egg, Cookie, Cosmic Debris, Dimension Destructors, Fantastic Voyage, Finders Keepers, Frank Bruno's Boxing,
Frank N Stein, Giants Revenge, Grand National, Horace Goes Skiing, Hungry Horace, Jack And The Beanstalk, Jet Set Willy II, Jetpac, Knight Tyme, Kung Fu, Lunar Jetman, Manic Miner, Matchday 2, Maziacs, Movie, Mr Wimpy, Nightgunner, Pogo, Psytron, Pud Pud, Push Off, Scooby Doo, Spellbound, Stagecoach,
Stormbringer, Sweevo's World, TLL, Terror-Daktil 4D, The Oracle's Cave, The Pyramid, Tomahawk, Tribble Trubble, War In Middle Earth and Wheelie

06/07/2000 58 .tzx files have been added for this update. Quite a few Mastertronic games have been added thanks to Andrew Barker (co maintainer of WOS), a few Crash covertapes have been added and various other bits and pieces. The new additions are:- 1942, Agent X, Agent X 2, Alcatraz Harry, A Whole New Ball Game, Billy The Kid - Joystick, Billy The Kid - Lightgun, Bronx Street Cop - Joystick, Bronx Street Cop - Lightgun, Cage Match, Chiller, Cosmic Wartoad, Dandy, Dynatron Mission, Eskimo Eddie, Firetrap, Footballer Of The Year, Gladiator, Hundra, Jason's Gem, Jungle Warfare - Joystick, Jungle Warfare - Lightgun, Kikstart 2, Level 5, Licence To Kill - 48k, Licence To Kill - 128k, Little Computer People - 128k, Milk Race, Molecule Man, NOMAD, Nonamed, Omega One, Orc Attack, Pippo, Plexar, Raster Scan, Rentakill Rita, Rigel's Revenge, Robot Messiah, Rockman, Speed King 2, Splitting Images, Starbike, Super Sprint, Tapper, Universal Hero, Venom, Video Olympics, Wolfan, Zaxxon, Zoids, Zombie Zombie and several Crash covertapes.

30/06/2000 Sorry about the lack of updates recently, I just needed to take a breather after spending loads of time converting tapes. In this update there are the following games which I've picked up from car boot sales and ebay:- A Ticket To Ride, Battlecars, Black Hawk, Deathscape, Gauntlet, Gauntlet The Deeper Dungeons, Gyron, Invincible Island, Lunar Letters, Pat The Postman, Starclash, The Colour Of Magic and the original version of The Quest For The Holy Grail ;) I have also added an extra page which lists games by their publishers indexing system, the first publisher listed is Mastertronic.There are a lot of games missing from the list itself and many .tzx files are missing. Any help in completing the list would be appreciated.

17/05/2000 Completed converting the Sinclair games I have and started the Mastertronic games. If you know of any Mastertronic games that are not in the list on the index page please let me know. I would appreciate any .TZX files you have to fill in the gaps as well. I also added a few rare games which I picked up from car boot sales recently, for example Star Soccer by Watson Software Services Ltd.

25/04/2000 Just a single game uploaded this time!! I was browsing through blood's web site after downloading FeMAME V2.02 and noticed that Savage Island Part 2 was on the MIA list. Well its now available for download on the 'S' page.

25/04/2000 Added a few more Ocean and Imagine games including Galvan, Terra Cresta, Arkanoid, V and Typhoon 128k. I've also got International Matchday and Rastan to convert but these are proving to be a little trickier than the rest. Stay tuned ;)

23/04/2000 Uploaded the latest updates to the site. Most of the games were published by Sinclair, Ocean and PSS although a couple of games by other publishers have also been uploaded. Its best to check out the pages which list games alphabetically to see whats new as I don't have time to keep the publisher page up to date.

21/04/2000 Added a new page which lists games by their turboload scheme. The following turboload schemes are currently listed:- Bleepload, Speedlock 1, Speedlock 2, Speedlock 3, Speedlock 4 and Speedlock 7. Added some more games from DK'Tronics, New Generation and PSS.

19/04/2000 Added lots of Ocean and Imagine games, a couple from DK'Tronics. Enjoy ;)

09/04/2000 Added Derek Brewster to the developers page (If you have any of Derek's games in .TZX format especially games from his first company Neptune I'd love to hear from you), added Roland's Rat Race, Bored Of The Rings - Part 3, The Boggit, One For The Road, Mutations, 911TS, Crash June 1990 covertape and Heavy On The Magick.

Heavy on the Magick is the first turbo loading game I've converted using READVOC and my new STA1 tape adapter from BUZ Electrics. If you need one call John Paine on (0181) 542 9140. Now if only MAKETZX or Real Spectrum could be updated so I could make better use of it...

05/04/2000 Added a shed load of Firebird games, quite a few Artic games and a few other bits and bobs ;)