Spectrum tapes I'd like to buy

This is a list of tapes I'm after. If you have any of these tapes for sale, please get in touch Contact me

Abacus Programs

Battle, Domain, Games Pack 2, Iceberg, Moon Lander.

Abbex Electronics

Asteroids, Galaxian 5, Harrier, High Noon, Invasion, War Game.

Add-On Electronics

Cosmanoids, Diamond Mine, Efenders, Eteor Torn, E x T, Fisherman Fred, Golf, Never Trust A Blonde, "n" Vaders, One-Arm Bandit, Penguin, Sea-Battle, Terroids.

Blaby Computer Games



Astro Scramble (Got a non working tape), Gorfian Invaders (Got tape, need inlay), Specman.

Delbert The Hamster

Soap Land & For Your Thighs Only.

Delta 4 Software

Bored Of The Rings v1, Dragon Star Trilogy, The Return Of The Holy Joystick, Sherwood Forest.

DK'Tronics Ltd

Matrix, Tramix, Xorktrons?.

Elfin Software

3D Game Hunt, 3D Star Wars, Checkman, Pacman, Pilot, Tobor (Green Inlay).

Impact Software

Destroyer, Monster Mines, Specman.


Arcane Quest, Horror Atoll, The Roundsby Incident, The Swamp.


Rox III.

Mikro-Gen Ltd

Drakmaze, Gnasher.

Ocean Software Ltd


Phipps Associates


R & R Software

Galaxy Warlords, Junior Arithmetic.

Scorpio Gamesworld

The Sea Spray Incident, Sniper.

Spectrum Games

Cosmic Intruders, Rocket Command.

Spectrum magazines I'd like to buy

Sinclair User

52, 59-60, 62, 65-67, 86-89, 97-98.