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Games by publisher's index


1.99 Range
A99901  Hysteria
AS001   Pheenix
AS002   Henry's Hoard - 1985Henry's Hoard - 1986
AS003   Howzat
SS006   Art Master
AS018   Red Arrows
AS022   Olympic Spectacular
AS028   Dead Or Alive
AS029   Ice Attack & Star Buster
AS030   Electra 9000
AS031   Sea Surfer
AS032   Star Wreck
AS035   Lifeterm
AS038   Wiz-Biz
AS041   Run For Gold
AS044   Ocean Racer
AS057   Excalibur: Sword Of Kings
AS059   Soccer BossSoccer Boss - Alternate
AS073   Football Frenzy
AS085   Classic Arcadia 3
AS088   Microball
AS091   Metalyx
AS097   BMX Ninja
AS099   Moon Cresta
AS104   Yogi Bear
AS105   Yogi Bear
AS111   Splat!
AS118   Danger Mouse: In Making WhoopeeDanger Mouse: In Making Whoopee
AS119   Danger Mouse: In Double Trouble
AS122   Danger Mouse: In The Black Forest Chateau
AS126   Everyone's A Wally
AS127   Everyone's A Wally
AS129   The Trapdoor
AS132   Rogue Trooper
AS135   Strike Force Cobra
AS139   Nosferatu The Vampyre
AS141   The Colour Of Magic
AS144   Popeye
SS154   Cannibals From Outer Space
AS158   Ghostly Grange Triple Decker
AS160   Stage Coach Triple Decker
AS164   Combat Zone
AS174   Cricket Crazy
AS177   Endzone
SS180   Battlecars
AS184   Death Before Dishonour
AS189   Rally Driver
SS195   1999
AS196   Butch Hard Guy
SS197   Gateway To Hell
AS201   Eliminator
AS202   The Rocky Horror Show
AS205   The Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole
AS211   Mad Flunky
AS214   Skool Daze
AS216   Aftermath
SS220   Contact Sam Cruise - AlternateContact Sam Cruise
AS222   Back To Skool
AS226   Wheelie
AS232   Formula Grand Prix
AS233   Neil Android
AS234   Neil Android
AS237   Graham Gooch's Match Cricket
SS241   The Double
AS244   Star Paws
AS247   Through The Trapdoor
AS250   Oink
AS253   Gun Boat
AS256   She Vampires
AS263   Postman Pat
AS264   For Gold Or Glory
AS267   Rik The Roadie
AS270   Slug
SS276   Academy
AS277   Who Dares Wins II
AS282   Mystery Of The Indus Valley
AS294   Hideous
SS305   Mini Office
AS318   Rugby Boss
AS350   Spitfire '40'
AS351   Strike Force Harrier

2.99 Range
AS703   Turbo Bike
AS706   Championship Baseball
AS712   Howard The Duck
AS715   Aliens US
AS720   Pro Mountain Bike Simulator
AS724   U.S. Basket Master
AS729   Postman Pat 2
AS734   Punch And Judy
AS736   Punch And Judy
AS738   Grid Iron 2
AS742   Sooty And Sweep
AS745   The Official Father Christmas
AS748   Count Duckula
AS752   Championship Sprint
AS757   Andy Capp
AS760   Big Trouble In Little China
AS765   High Steel
AS767   Thomas The Tank Engine
AS771   The Munsters
AS775   The Wombles
AS784   Operation Hormuz
AS787   Jaws
AS790   Gilbert: Escape From Drill
AS794   Soccer Challenge
AS800   Huxley Pig
AS803   Popeye 2
AS809   Australian Rules Football
AS817   Double Dare
AS820   Fireman Sam
AS823   Zoids
AS827   Bangers & Mash
AS830   Count Duckula II
AS834   Postman Pat 3
AS848   Reckless Rufus
AS855   Popeye 3

SUM965  Game Over II
SUM968  Swords And Sorcery
SUM971  Bismarck
SUM982  ACE 2088
SUM991  Hijack
SUM995  Army Moves
SUM999  Game Over

AS001   Pheenix
AS059   Soccer BossSoccer Boss - Alternate
AS067   Uchi-Mata
AS073   Football Frenzy