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Games by publisher's index


G 1/S  Games 1 
G 2/S  Games 2 
G 3/S  Games 3 
G 4/S  Games 4 Games 4 - Alternate 
G 5/S  Star Trail 
G 6/S  Pastimes 1 
G 7/S  Pastimes 2 
G 8/S  Biorhythms 
G 9/S  Space Raiders 
G10/S  Chess 
G11/S  Flight Simulation - Release 1 Flight Simulation - Release 2 
G12/S  Planetoids & Missile 
G13/S  Hungry Horace 
G14/S  Planet Of Death 
G15/S  Inca Curse 
G16/S  The Ship Of Doom 
G17/S  Espionage Island 
G18/S  Reversi 
G19/S  The Hobbit 
G20/S  Embassy Assault 
G21/S  Horace Goes Skiing 
G22/S  Backgammon 
G23/S  Cyrus Is Chess 
G24/S  Horace And The Spiders 
G25/S  Scrabble 
G26/S  Flippit 
G28/S  Pssst
G29/S  Trans Am
G30/S  Cookie
G31/S  Chequered Flag 
G32/S  Bubble Buster 
G33/S  Driller Tanks 
G34/S  Eric And The Floaters 
G35/S  Stop The Express 
G36/S  Zipper Flipper 

4036   Match Point 
4038   Panama Joe 
4039   Return Of The Jedi: Death Star Battle 

4324   Oil Strike 
4325   Weathermaster 
4326   Planet Patrol 
4327   Disease Dodgers 
4328   Alphabetter 
4329   Wordsetter 
4330   Spellbox 
4331   Soundabout 
4333   Mac Man And The Caber Eater 
4334   Mac Man In The Treasure Caves 
4336   Mac Man And The Great Escape 
4337   Number Painter 
4338   Estimator Racer 

4607   TasCopy TasCopy Tasword 2 
4608   Tiny Touch 'n' Go 

B 1/S  Vu-Calc 
B 2/S  Vu-File 
B 3/S  Vu-3D 
B 4/S  Collector's Pack 
B 5/S  Club Record Controller 
B 6/S  Small Business Accounts 

C 2    Horizons 

E 1/S  History 1 
E 2/S  Geography 1 
E 3/S  Inventions 1 
E 4/S  Music 1 
E 5/S  English Literature 1 
E 6/S  Make A Chip 
E 7/S  Music Master 
E 8/S  Beyond Basic 
E 9/S  Chess Tutor 
E10/S  Learn To Read 1 
E11/S  Learn To Read 2 
E12/S  Learn To Read 3 
E13/S  Learn To Read 4 
E14/S  Learn To Read 5 
E15/S  Cargo 
E16/S  Glider 
E17/S  Survival 
E18/S  Magnets 
E19/S  Early Punctuation 
E20/S  Speech Marks 
E21/S  The Apostrophe 
E22/S  Capital Letters 
E23/S  Castle Spellerous 
E24/S  Alphabet Games 

L 1/S  Forth 
L 2/S  Micro Prolog 
L 3/S  Zeus Assembler 
L 4/S  Monitor And Disassembler 
L 5/S  Print Utilities 
L 6/S  Logo 

P1/S   Cattel IQ Test 
P15/G  Sinclair Game Compilation 

s881   Punchy 
s882   Crazy Golf 
s883   Treasure Island 
s884   Disco Dan 
s885   Oh Mummy 
s886   Alien Destroyer