Games with Currah speech support

Game Publisher Year Genre
All Or Nothing Abbex Electronics 1984 Arcade Adventure
Auf Wiedersehen Pet Tynesoft 1984 Arcade
Bingo (Tynesoft) Tynesoft 1984 Board Game
The Birds And The Bees Bug-Byte Software Ltd 1983 Arcade
Blade Alley PSS 1983 Simulation
Colour Clash Romik Software Ltd 1983 Arcade
Crazy Golf Sinclair Research Ltd 1983 Sports
The Evil Dead Palace Software 1984 Arcade Adventure
Fruit Snapper LiveWire Software 1984 Arcade
Giant's Revenge Thor Computer Software 1984 Arcade Adventure
Harlequin Mr Micro Ltd 1985 Board Game
Hunchback Ocean Software Ltd 1984 Arcade
The Island Crystal Computing 1983 Adventure
Jack And The Beanstalk Thor Computer Software 1984 Arcade
Lunar Jetman Ultimate Play The Game 1983 Arcade
Lunar Rescue Lyversoft   Arcade
Max Headroom Quicksilva Ltd 1986 Arcade
Maziacs DK'Tronics Ltd 1983 Arcade
Mega Fruit Thor Computer Software 1984 Simulation
Mined Out Quicksilva Ltd 1983 Arcade
Moon Alert Ocean Software Ltd 1984 Arcade
Mr Wimpy Ocean Software Ltd 1984 Arcade
Night Stalker Thor Computer Software 1984 Arcade
Pi-Balled Automata UK Ltd 1984 Arcade
Pogo Ocean Software Ltd 1983 Arcade
Psi-Spy Postern 1983 Arcade
Punchy (Sinclair) Sinclair Research Ltd 1983 Arcade
Rainy Day CCS 1984 Board Game
Skelby - The Schizophrenic Droid QBIT 1984 Arcade
Sport Of Kings Mastertronic Added Dimension 1986 Simulation
Spyship SOS Dynamic Software 1984 Arcade
Starbike The Edge 1984 Arcade
Steve Davis Snooker CDS Micro Systems 1984 Sports
Steve Davis Snooker (Blue Ribbon) Blue Ribbon Software 1984 Sports
Voice Chess Artic Computing Ltd 1982 Board Game
The War Of The Worlds CRL Group PLC 1984 Adventure
Xavior PSS 1984 Arcade
Zig-Zag DK'Tronics Ltd 1984 Arcade