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02/04/2018 Just a small update to the "games that time forgot" page, we've managed to source some very rare games in order to get them preserved, plus other bits and pieces. There is some more good news in the pipeline hopefully, so watch this space!!! 

10/10/2013 A year has passed since Mike Singleton sadly passed away. Mike was a boyhood hero of mine and I've spent many hours over the years wandering through the lands of Midnight and Icemark, battling the forces of the Witchking Doomdark and his daughter Shareth the Heartstealer.

To this day, Doomdark's Revenge remains my favourite game of all time, closely followed by The Lords of Midnight. If you haven't already, I recommend you get a copy of both games and give them a go. The World of Spectrum has copies of the manual and keyboard overlay should you need them. The Lords of Midnight is also available from the Apple iStore and I'm hoping that one day Chris Wild will also release Doomdark's Revenge for smartphones and as for The Eye of the Moon, who knows........

This update is dedicated to Mike as a thank you for his great games and many hours of happy memories.

Jonathan "Joffa" Smith

Due to the large number of new and improved images, this will be a rolling update which will take place over the next couple of days. It will probably be a while till Martijn can sync WoS with the vault anyway, so it just means I can make as much material available as possible.

Thanks again for the hard work of everyone involved in this update.

15/02/2012 Today is the vaults 12th birthday, the time really has flown by since I started the web-site off!! I've got no excuses, I've taken far too long to get this update out. If it hadn't been for Martijn stepping in to help out, the update would never have happened. Since the last update, two previously unreleased titles have been sourced and preserved, namely Mega Twins and Masterspy, check out the games that time forgot page for the downloads. Special thanks are due to David Powell,  and Albert Ball for their assistance in making this happen.

There's also a new section for Ipf disk images, created with the assistance of the Software Preservation Society and Andy Barker.

As always, my colleagues in the preservation team deserve special thanks, namely Martijn van der Heide, Andy Barker, Guy Bearman, Paul Hurd, Nuno Cardoso and José Luis Soler. Thanks also go to the following people who have contributed to this update:- Einar Saukas, Lee Fogarty, Tim Abbott, Jonathan Needle, Anthony Hamilton, Simon D. Lee, Brian Wright, Glen Elliott, Richard Rayner, István Fábián, Simon Owen, Mr. Anonymous, Hairy, Michael Bellamy, Shaun Bebbington, Battle Bunny, James Whitfield, Colin Stewart, pushHL, Metalbrain, Simon Franco, Rafal Miazga, Bandit, Darren Shacklady, Bas van Dalen, BadBeard, James Smith, Lee Tonks, Juan Pablo López-Grao, Henrik Magnusson, Leszek Chmielewski, g00db0y, Frode Tennebř, Pgyuri, P Farrow, oblo, John Barklam and Malcolm. If any contributors have been missed out, get in touch and I'll add you to the credits.

Once again, 2010 has been an amazing year with loads of new games sourced and preserved, including incredibly rare homebrew adventures and the previously unreleased Anaconda by Reptile Industries Ltd. The year has also been tinged with sadness, with the Spectrum community losing Edwina Brown and Jonathan "Joffa" Smith. I think it's fitting that this update is dedicated to their memory.

30/11/2010 How quickly does a year go by!!! Apologies to everyone for the delay in issuing the update, I just hope it's been worth the wait.. Once again, this update has been the result of a lot of hard work from a small dedicated group of enthusiasts.

My thanks goes out to Martijn van der Heide, Paul Hurd, Guy Bearman, Tony Barnett, Andy Barker, Nuno Cardoso, José Luis Soler, David Stevens, Phil Bee, Ant, Juan Pablo López-Grao, Mike Baker, Frans Jansen, Chmielewski Leszek, MCbx, Rockersuke Moroboshi, Guy Black, James Whitfield, Hairy, Tony Byrne, Shcherbakov Vladimir, xgipe, Gareth Pitchford, jp, Jaime Tejedor Gómezm, Gerard Sweeney, Giorgos Tsamouris, Paul Fogarty, Massimo Raffaele, Pavel Plíva, Matthew Wilson, Alberto Otero Mato, Micky, Luis Faria, Krasimir Hristov, Jose Manuel, Rafal Miazga, Alexei Teplyakov, Iván Gómez Márquez, Chris Born, Martin Harrison, Richard Hollins, Martin James, M.Williams, Marco Pinto, Richard Burton, David McGee, Simon Owen, Martin Page and Woody. I apologise if I've missed your name out and you've contributed in any way, if so drop me a line and I'll add you to the credits.

Once again, 2010 has been an amazing year with loads of new games sourced and preserved, including incredibly rare homebrew adventures and the previously unreleased Anaconda by Reptile Industries Ltd. The year has also been tinged with sadness, with the Spectrum community losing Edwina Brown and Jonathan "Joffa" Smith. I think it's fitting that this update is dedicated to their memory.

Edwina BrownJonathan "Joffa" Smith

28/11/2009 After another long slog, the vault has been updated again...

Many thanks go out to Andy Barker, Guy Bearman, Martijn van der Heide, Nuno Cardoso, Tony Barnett, Peter Wiles, Giovanni Lagorio, Amgad Bedwani, Mark Cantrell, Milan Hozda, Stephen Preston, Chris Smith, Robert Chilton, Nigel Stuart, Nigel Hardcastle, Hercules, Paul Forbes, Jonathan Cauldwell, Ted Kirk, Rastislav Misecka, Magnus Kristinn Jonsson, José Luis Soler, Dean Lowery, Tom Dalby, Rafal Miazga, Leszek Chmielewski, Duncan Reilly, Alwin Henseler, Andrew Blood, Arda Erdikmen, Brian Gooch, David Moore, Dean Hickingbottom, Exobuzz, Frode Tennebř, Guy Black, Günter Woigk, James Slasor, Jim Pass, Jose Manuel Claros, Juan Pablo López-Grao, Larry Livingston, Malcolm Shykles, Martin James, Paul Fogarty, Philip Hill, Rastislav Misecka, Richard Burton, Richard Lane, Rockersuke Moroboshi, Roelof Koning, Ron Cavers, Skarpo, Stephane, Tony J. Byrne and ZX Bruno plus anyone else I've forgotten to mention.

This update is dedicated to my son Jack Brown who was born on the 13th of February 2009.


01/08/2008 It's been a heck of a while, but after a big push the site has been updated again... You either grab the files from here, or head over to WOS and grab them from the update page which will be uploaded very shortly.

As usual, a lot of people have helped out with this update, many thanks to Andy Barker, Tony Barnett, Guy Bearman, Martijn van der Heide, Alexander Podzhunas, Mikie, Nuno Cardoso, Neil Taylor, Marco Pinto, Xavier Tardy, Steve Preston, Simon Ullyatt, Gil Williamson and anyone else I may have overlooked. There really have been a lot of contributors, large and small. I've had a lot on my plate, with family commitments, work and pool, which has delayed the update... However I'll make an effort to update the site more regularly from now on....

First off for the next update will be some contributions from John Wilson of Zenobi fame and Jet Set Danny... Stay tuned.

Finally, as well as the regular updates, there's a new page listing the various example v1.20 tzx files created by Mikie....

15/02/2007 Happy Birthday Andy! Oh, and it's the tzx vaults 7th Birthday today as well!!

First of all, sorry for the delay... The problems I've had with being unable to login to the retrogames server have been well documented on WOS... Anyway, after a lot of thought, I've had to bite the bullet and move to a different server. Lee Fogarty deserves a huge thank you for arranging it. Thanks also go to the many people who have contributed to the project over the last year since the last update... The list is too long to print here, but the main contributors have been Andy Barker, Paul Hurd, Tony Barnett, Mikie, Alexander Podzhunas, Martijn van der Heide, Doreen Bardon, Edwina Brown, Barbara Gibb, Richard Burton, Jet Set Danny, Gil Williamson and Philip Mulrane. Thank you!

This update is dedicated to my son James Rodney Brown who was born on the 13th of October 2006 weighing in at 8lbs 6oz.

The list of the new and re-dumped material can be found here: Update20070215.txt.

11/12/2005 They say Christmas comes but once a year, at least the .tzx vault updates are on a more regular basis..... just ;) This update should keep some of the doubters quiet for a while, are you listening Dunny? ;) This update is a bit of a milestone, as the number of titles in the database has now exceeded 10,000!! Thanks to everyone who's contributed over the years.

I've been planning on issuing the update for a couple of months now and just as I was getting ready, another large batch of games would arrive!! This update has only been possible thanks to the hard work of a small number of people, special thanks go out to John Wilson of Zenobi, Barbara Gibb of Adventure Probe and Doreen Bardon for supplying many extremely rare adventure games. Thanks as usual to Andy, Tony, Paul and Martijn from the preservation team. Last but not least, thanks to the many contributors who supplied the odd tape / disk image along the way, including Philip Hall, Jon North, Lee Fogarty, Darren Farrell, Karl Brown, Tim Abbott, Biotoxin, FrankT, Fraser Ross, Mikie, Necros, ZX Beccy and Gerard Sweeney for database corrections. If I've left anyone out, let me know...

OK, hope everyone enjoys the new material over Xmas.. I'm gonna have a short break from dumping, but I'll still accept submissions for the next update, sometime next year!! Finally, due to the large number of new and redumped titles, I strongly recommend buying an update DVD, it'll be worth it just on the time you'd save not having to download everything.

The list of the new and re-dumped material can be found here: Update20051211.txt.


27/03/2005 The latest vault update is dedicated to my Dad, Rodney Brown, who passed away suddenly on the 21st November 2004. It was thanks to my Dad that I was given a 48k Spectrum for Christmas 1983 and I've been a collector of games for the Spectrum ever since.

Ever since my Dad died, I've been working virtually flat out in my spare time to make sure this update which is in his honour is the best to date. I'd like to thank Andy Barker, Paul Hurd, Tony Barnett, Martijn van der Heide, Bob Downing, Susan Beddowes, Paul Martin, Geoff Wearmouth, Rob Morris, Richard Burton for their contributions. I'd also like to thank everyone else who has made a contribution towards this update, whether it was donating tapes or buying CD's or DVD's.

The list of the new and re-dumped material can be found here: Update20050327.txt.

17/08/2004 Added two new scans to the Mikro-Gen tribute page. If anyone out there has any Mikro-Gen tapes I don't have, especially ZX81, Vic 20 or early Spectrum, please get in touch.

14/08/2004 After many months of toil, sweat and tears, the next vault update is ready for release. Many thanks to everyone who's helped out, especially the people who donated cash to enable rare tapes to be purchased. I hope they're busy enjoying the CD's I sent as a thank you ;) This is going to be the last of the really huge updates unless more donations are made, it's just getting far too expensive for me and the rest of the preservation team members to personally buy tapes solely to get them off the MIA and STP lists. I'm not asking for the earth, just a little every now and again to keep the momentum going... Anyway, enjoy the fruits of our efforts, the list of new images can be seen here: Update20040814.txt.

09/04/2004 Added two more tribute pages, inlay scans are all that's available for the moment, but the content will be increased over time. The first page is dedicated to DK'Tronics and is based largely on the collection of Paul Hurd (millys-pigdog) who is a .tzx vault team member. The second page is for Mogul Communications Ltd.

15/02/2004 The .tzx vault is 4 years old today! I had planned on updating the site for Christmas, but a house move scuppered that, so today seemed an appropriate time to release everything that's been dumped since the last update. Thanks again to everyone who's submitted images, loaned tapes, donated money, pointed out errors in files or broken links. Cheers! The list of new images can be seen here: Update20040215.txt.

07/10/2003 It's been a while, three and a half months to be exact, so I thought I'd better pull my finger out and issue the next update. There were some other titles I was hoping to include, but I've been unable to dump them so far, so they'll make the next update hopefully. The list of new images can be seen here: Update20031007.txt.

12/07/2003 Another software seller gets a link at the .tzx vault, the company is called Retro-Trader and although is fairly new, is worth a look. The site can be accessed by this link: http://www.retro-trader.com/

09/07/2003 I've added a new link to the software sellers row on the main page. The company is called Retro-Games and is well worth a look if you're into buying retro computer hardware or software. The site can be accessed by this link: http://www.retro-games.net/ecom/

25/06/2003 After three months of hard graft by the tzx team, we have another update ready! Thanks to everyone who's contributed. If you'd like to support the continued work of the team, please have a look at the donations page here How to donate to the .tzx vault The list of new images can be seen here: Update20030625.txt.

22/03/2003 It seems like an age since the last update, but fear not, the .tzx vault team has been VERY busy. The latest update has been released!!! Thanks to everyone who's contributed, whether it's donations, .tzx files or the loan of tapes, the site couldn't continue to grow without your support. Thanks again! The full list of new images can be seen here: Update20030322.txt..

14/03/2003 The vault has received another two donations, the contributors are Cesare Falco and Paul Thompson. I've also added a link to a new web-site called UK Retro which sells retro-games for many platforms, definately worth a look. Work continues on the next vault update, which is days away.... Cheers, Steve.

23/02/2003 The vault has received it's second donation, many thanks to Martin Ball who made the contribution. Thanks mate!

16/02/2003 It was the .tzx vault's 3rd birthday yesterday!! I'd like to thank everyone who's contributed, the next update is currently being worked on, so keep your eyes peeled!!

02/02/2003 The vault received its first donation today. Many thanks go to Bad Beard, who's been a regular contributor to the project for a few months now and is a very valued member of the team. Thanks again mate. Lots of MIA, STP and SDP titles have been located and are being dumped now, I don't know when the next vault update will be released, but as usual it will be impressive ;) Stay tuned. Steve

11/01/2003 Sorry for the delay in updating the site, I was planning an update for before xmas, but ended up with too much on my plate. Anyway, thanks again to everyone who contributed plus a special mention to Claus Jahn who has donated a huge amount of tapes which I'm still going through. The full list of new images for the C64, Spectrum and Vic 20 can be seen here: Update20030111.txt.

08/12/2002 Donations can now be made via PayPal, this will help with the purchase of tapes for dumping...... A new update will be issued sometime before xmas, so watch this space!! 

29/10/2002 Once again, the site has been updated with another massive update. This update includes 100's of new dumps for the Spectrum and C64 plus almost 50 new dumps for the good old Vic 20!! The full list of new images for the C64, Spectrum and Vic 20 can be seen here: Update20021029.txt. Once again, a big thank you goes out to everyone who contributed!! Steve.

29/09/2002 The site has been updated with all the recent additions to the excellent SPA2 site. A new update is on the way soon, with lots of MIA and STP titles resolved as always ;) 

27/08/2002 Another huge update has been issued today! Loads of unlisted, MIA and STP Spectrum tapes and disks have been preserved. The full list of new images for the Amstrad, C64, Spectrum and Vic 20 can be seen here: Update20020827.txt. . Thanks as always to everyone who contributed, see the credits page for the full list. I'll try and issue another update soon, which will mainly cater for outstanding C64 .TAP images and Spectrum .DSK images that didn't make it this time. Cheers, Steve.

21/08/2002 Just a smallish update today, I've added a few new emulators to the Spectrum emulation page and also a few more scans to the "Games That Time Forgot" page. A new update is expected sometime next week, so stay tuned, Steve.

23/06/2002 Well, after a couple of months of hard slog, I thought I'd better pull my finger out and update the site. As well as nearly 200 new Spectrum tape dumps, the .tzx vault now hosts tape and disk dumps for the Amstrad, C64 and Vic 20!! I'd like to thank Kev Thacker for his work on the Amstrad tools, Andy Barker for dumping the tapes that were too tough for me, Martijn van der Heide for updating the generation tool and everyone who has either submitted .tzx files or loaned me their tapes :) Cheers!

04/04/2002 I forgot to mention that the .tzx vault was 2 years old on the 15/02/2002!! Thanks to everyone who has contributed!!

31/03/2002. Happy Easter everyone. Another large update this time, with various MIA / STP titles resolved and a few tapes redumped.

The list of the latest additions is here:- Update20020331.txt

10/02/2002 Just a smallish update this time, because a lot of my time has been spent synchronising the .tzx vault database with WOS as you may be aware! Because of this, quite a few tape images have been renamed although the data remains exactly the same.

The list of the latest additions is here:- Update20020210.txt

I've also added a few more scans to "The Games That Time Forgot" page.

24/01/2002 Added a new page which list master tapes.

21/01/2002 Another massive update again and just out of coincidence, it's my 32nd birthday today! I wasn't planning on issuing the update today, it's just how it all panned out. Anyway, there's another 500+ .tzx and .dsk images to grab, most of which are MIA adventures, but there's a few other goodies as well. The newest additions are listed here: Update20020121.txt I've also just noticed that the site has just reached 100,000 visitors. Thanks to everyone for their support!

I've also completely redone the large .zip files on the archive page, completely getting rid of the update files for the last year or so. There are 26 .zip files, one for each letter of the alphabet plus downloads for all 1648 and Spectrum Computing covertapes and also all the disks we currently have.

Finally, just out of interest, I've written a page called "The Games That Time Forgot". This new page lists games which never got published, they may have been completed, only got to the prototype stage or possibly even just as far as the drawing board.


If anyone has any tapes with anything from these games on, even if it's just WIP then please get in touch. Steve

23/12/2001 After a massive amount of tape and disk dumping, I'm pleased to be able to release the latest update, just in time for Christmas!! I'd like to wish everyone in the .tzx team and the sites visitors all the best for Christmas and the New Year. There's over 500 .tzx and .dsk files which have been included in this update. Progress is already underway for the next update with a few games dumped by myself and a few submissions which didn't make this update, so stay tuned!!

After reading some of the feedback left on the guestbook, I'm going to tidy up the archive page, getting rid of all the update files in the process. This will be done early January, before the next update is issued.

NOTE: If anyone can help with missing publication details, either publisher names or years of publication, especially for the Spanish and Adventure tapes, I'd love to hear from you!

25/11/2001 Added a guestbook, so you can leave all sorts of nice comments and feedback ;)

19/11/2001 Another big update, with loads of MIA and MIS games resolved. Another big thank you goes to Donald Hay, Dave Batty, Milan Hozda and Andy Barker for their contributions!! There's around 200 .tzx files which have been included in this update. As before, there are many more games still to come, so watch this space ;)

10/11/2001 Incredible news!! John Wilson, owner of Zenobi has granted the .tzx vault exclusive rights to allow his games to be made available for download!! A new page has been created which lists the games which Zenobi made. I'd also like to point out, that there are many more games which haven't been dumped yet, but which are available in .z80 or .sna format on a CD which you can buy for Ł4.99 direct from John. His address is:- John Wilson, Zenobi Software, 26 Spotland Tops, Cutgate, Rochdale, Lancs, England, OL12 7NX.

02/11/2001 Massive update this time round thanks mainly to huge contributions from Donald Hay and millys-pigdog. There are just under 400 .tzx files which have been included in this update. There are many more games still to come, so keep checking the site for more updates ;)

The help page has also been extended to include information on how to dump +3 disks onto your PC. Try this at your own risk!!

Finally, to help people identify what has been dumped already, I've added pages for Encore and Kixx re-releases, a page for DK'Tronics games and finally a list of all denied games that have been dumped.

29/10/2001 Speccy.cz has removed all denied games and as such now becomes an associate of the .tzx vault team. A link to their fantastic site has been added to the links page. Expect some great new .tzx files in the coming weeks and months from Jan Werner and Milan Hozda!! The next update is imminent and looks like being the biggest update ever, with lots of previously unpublished games, lots of MIA and MIS games as well. The total so far is well over 400 tape images and the figure is likely to be nearer 500!! Watch this space!!

13/10/2001 Just a small update this time. I've added two new pages for Interface 2 roms and +3 disks. A lot of work has also been done on tidying up the database which has meant that a lot of tape images are now available inside a single .zip file.

Due to not reading the Taper manual, a lot of covertape and compilation images have had some of their pauses destroyed when an indefinite pause was added. I added the indefinite pauses to make the .tzx files more user friendly in emulators. Anyway, these will be redumped and replaced hopefully in the next update.

23/09/2001 We now have every Crash covertape ever produced preserved!! A big thank you goes to Andrew Barker and Mondo Dizzy (Tommy) for their help. Also added in this update is a new Compilations page, a couple of MIA tapes, some rare 128k remixes and master tapes from Gilsoft. The tapes added are:-

ACE (Encore), ACE 2 (Encore), Aspect Assembler, Chaser, Chomper, City Lander (Spanish), Clone-it, Collector's Pack - Version 0, Crazy Race, Cybex,
Cybotron (Spanish), Delta Charge, Devil's Island, Diamond Trail, Double Xinox - 128k, Dracula - Part 1 - The First Night,
Dracula - Part 2 - The Arrival, Dracula - Part 3 - The Hunt, Dragon's Lair 2 (Encore), El Cid (Mastertronic), Fairlight - 128k, Fairshare,
Final Assault - 128k, Football Manager - World Cup Edition, Footballer Of The Year (Kixx), Foxx Fights Back, Galletron,
Garfield - Big, Fat, Hairy Deal, Glider, Glider Rider - 128k, Gobbler, Golden Baton, Hot Dot Spotter, Howard The Duck (Hello! Games),
IK+ (The Hit Squad), Impossible Mission (Ricochet), Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom (Kixx), Jack The Ripper, Knight Tyme - 128k,
La Aventura Espacial, Last Sunset For Lattica, Los Intocables, Magic Castle, Masters Of The Universe - Super Adventure,
Masters Of The Universe (Kixx), Mathskills II, Mindbender, Number Tumblers, Pacific War, The Press, Professional Adventure Writer - A04C,
Repton, Repton 2, Robin Of The Wood - 128k, Samurai, Space Warp, Spy-Plane, Sweevo's Whirled - 128k, Technician Ted - The Megamix - 128k,
The Quill Adventure System - C05, The Quill Adventure System - A03, The Quill Adventure System - C02, The Quill Adventure System - A08,
The Quill Adventure System - A06, The Very Big Cave Adventure, The Visual Processor, The Worm In Paradise, Time And Magik, Time Line,
Wye Compiler (Spanish) and Xor.

29/08/2001 Almost 200 tapes have been added this time, a big thank you to all those who contributed. The tapes are:-

1942 Mission, 2088, 3D Deathchase Master Tape, 3D Maze Of Gold, ABC, Action Force (Mastertronic), Africa Gardens, Aliens US,
A Question Of Scruples - 48k - Side A, A Question Of Scruples - 48k - Side B, Arcade Trivia Quiz Question Creator - Side A,
Arcade Trivia Quiz Master Tape, Arcade Trivia Quiz Question Creator - Side B, Auf Wiedersehen Monty, Austerlitz 1805, Avenger (Kixx),
Back To The Future (Firebird), Batman The Caped Crusader - A Bird In The Hand (The Hit Squad),
Batman The Caped Crusader - Fate Worse Than Death (The Hit Squad), Battle Tank Master Tape, Battleships (Encore), Bionic Ninja, Black Magic,
Black Tower, Blinky's Scary School, Boat Run, Bomber Bob In Pentagon Capers, Bomb Jack 2 (Encore), Buccaneer, Buggy, Buggy Boy - 128k,
Buggy Boy - 48k, C5 Clive, Car Chase, Castle Quest, Centipod, CHAMP Assembler, Championship Golf, Chuckie Egg (Pick 'n' Choose),
Computer Wordsearch, Cosmic Debris (Paxman), Cricket Crazy - Part 1, Cricket Crazy - Part 2, Crime Busters (IJK Software), Cup Manager,
Cybo Run (Dixon's), Daley Thompson's Decathlon - Day 1 - Large Case, Daley Thompson's Decathlon - Day 1 - Small Case,
Daley Thompson's Decathlon - Day 2 - Large Case, Daley Thompson's Decathlon - Day 2 - Small Case, Dan Dare III - The Escape,
Danger Mouse - In The Black Forest Chateau - Part 1, Danger Mouse - In Double Trouble (Alternative), Darts, Deep Strike, Devil's Island, Diamond Trail,
Dirt Track Racer, Dirt Track Racer Master Tape, Dots, Double Agent, Dr Who - Dalek Attack, Dungeon Adventure, Early Punctuation,
Emlyn Hughes Int. Soccer, Endurance, Euro Boss, Fairlight (The Micro Selection), Fighting Soccer, Five Dice (Paxman), Forbidden Planet Master Tape,
Fourmost Adventures, Fruit Machine, Full Throttle Master Tape, Fun School 2 (The Hit Squad), Game Over II - 48k (1), Game Over II - 48k (2),
Games Tape 1 - Side 1 (Gilsoft International), Games Tape 1 - Side 2 (Gilsoft International), Games Tape 2 - Side 1 (Gilsoft International),
Games Tape 2 - Side 2 (Gilsoft International), Ghost Hunt (Kryptronic), Gilbert - Escape From Drill - 128k (Alternative),
Gilbert - Escape From Drill - 48k (Alternative), Golden Hawk, Grange Hill - 128k, Gunstar, Heroes Of The Lance, Hobgoblin, Human Torch & The Thing
Humpty Dumpty Meets The Fuzzy Wuzzies, Hustler, Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade, Inspector Flukeit, Jasper Master Tape,
Jocky Wilson's Dart Challenge Master Tape, Joystick Conversion Tape #1, Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager Master Tape, Kick Off, Kopy Kat,
Kopy Kat Header Reader, Koronis Rift, Kwah!, Labours Of Hercules, Las Vegas Casino Master Tape, Lifeline, LOCO, Lord Of The Rings (Beau-Jolly),
Lords Of Time, Magic Castle, Mandragore, Master 4, Master Toolkit - 16k, Master Toolkit - 48k, Matrix, Matt Lucas, Mayhem, Mega Tape 15 - Side A,
Mega Tape 15 - Side B, Mega Tape 18 - Side A, Mega Tape 18 - Side B, Menace, Message From Andromeda, Metaplex, Micro Maze, Mothership,
Mrs Mopp (Atlantis), Mr Wino, Ms Pacman, Mystery Of The Indus Valley, Neil Android, Nexor Master Tape, Nightflite II, Night Shift,
Ninja Commando Master Tape, Para Academy Master Tape, Para Assault Master Tape, Partition, Poolsmaster, Prelude, Pro Loader, Psycho Soldier,
Raid Over Moscow (Americana), Rambo (The Hit Squad), Red Weed, Robin Of Sherwood, Sabotage Master Tape, See-Saw, Senda Salvaje - Part 1,
Senda Salvaje - Part 2, SET, Simon Micro-Soft - Collection One, Simon Micro-Soft - Collection Two, SMASHED, Spiderman (Americana), Star Wreck,
Strike Force SAS, Super Gran (Dixon's), Sweevo's World, Take 4, Terror From The Deep, The Adventures Of Barsak The Dwarf (The Early Days),
The Bard's Tale, The Deep, The Domes Of Sha, The Double, The Golden Apple, The Great Detective, The Happiest Days Of Your Life, The Hollow,
The House Jack Built, The Jade Necklace, The Match, The Patch, Tiny Touch 'n' Go, Wiz-Biz, Word Processor, Xadom, Yakzee,
YS (Smash Tape 11) - Side B, YS (Smash Tape 04) - Side A, YS (Smash Tape 01) - Side A, YS (Smash Tape 05) - Side A, YS (Smash Tape 07) - Side A,
YS (Smash Tape 08) - Side A, YS (Smash Tape 09) - Side B, YS (Smash Tape 09) - Side A, YS (Smash Tape 11) - Side A, YS (Smash Tape 12) - Side A,
YS (Smash Tape 12) - Side B, YS (Smash Tape 14) - Side A, YS (Smash Tape 14) - Side B, YS (Smash Tape 23) - Side B, YS (Smash Tape 23) - Side A,
YS (Smash Tape 15) - Side A, YS (Smash Tape 15) - Side B and Zybex Master Tape.

05/08/2001 The site has now had over 50,000 hits, thanks to everyone who's contributed! 60 tape images have been added including 4 images of master tapes from Zeppelin.

The new tape images are:-

1942 (Encore), 2088 Master Tape, Arena, Battle Of Britain, Beach Head II - Side A (Americana), Beach Head II - Side B (Americana),
Boulderdash 2 - Rockford's Revenge, Boulderdash, Collision Course (Americana), Deathscape, Death Wake (Bug-Byte), Doomdark's Revenge,
Draconus Master Tape, Dynamite Dan, Evil Crown, Freez' Bees (Prism Leisure), Front Line Master Tape, Geography, I Of The Mask, Knot In 3D,
Kung-Fu Master (Americana), Maze Chase - 16k, Maze Chase - 48k, Moon Cresta, Muncher, Nick Faldo Plays The Open - Powerload,
P15G Tape 1 - Side A, P15G Tape 1 - Side B, P15G Tape 2 - Side A, P15G Tape 2 - Side B, P15G Tape 3 - Side A, P15G Tape 3 - Side B,
P15G Tape 4 - Side A, P15G Tape 4 - Side B, P15G Tape 5 - Side A, P15G Tape 5 - Side B, P15G Tape 6 - Side A, P15G Tape 6 - Side B,
P15G Tape 7 - Side A, P15G Tape 7 - Side B, Pharaoh's Tomb, Rally Sim Master Tape, Red LED, Saracen (Americana), Shadowfire, Smuggler's Cove,
Splat!, Spy vs Spy, Supertrux - 128k (Encore), Supertrux - 48k (Encore), The Crucial Crash Tape - Side 1, The Crucial Crash Tape - Side 2,
The Final Mission, The Graphic Adventure Creator, The Great Space Race, The Witch's Cauldron, Tiles V2 - Saved On 48k, Tiles V2 - Saved On +2
and Zodiac Master.

Old news can be read here :- http://www.tzxvault.org/oldnews.htm